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We are all aware of the advantages of Ayurveda in our life. Ayurveda teaches us how to live our lives peacefully; how to conduct our manners; how to behave in a positive way. All of this so we could live our lives positively and stay away from the stress. Ayurveda in Canada is popular for this reason as well and there are many Ayurveda jobs abroad for you to find.

People all over the world have come to know about this one simple thing: stress free life is a life worth living. And since Ayurveda guides us into a positive energy space, and offers us ways to relieve us of the negative energy, more and more people are accepting Ayurveda as a part of their life.

Importance of Ayurveda in Canada

Ayurveda came to Canada with the earliest of Yogis. Some of the yogis left India so they could spread the knowledge of ayurvedic teachings around the world and help people in helping themselves heal. Swami Vishnu Devananda was a disciple of Swami Siv Ananda, who came to the West with an aim of spreading his knowledge in the field of Ayurveda. Though his teachings were spread globally, the headquarters of his organization lies in Val Morin, Quebec.

Don’t we all agree that Ayurveda and yoga go hand in hand? Both these aspects of life are just two sides of the coin. Canadian people are always looking for ways to relieve themselves of negative or stressful vibes. And one of the ways to do so is by yoga, meditation and following the ayurvedic way of life.

Currently, Canada is full of yoga studios. You can find them in both rural and urban parts of the country. And we all know that, where yoga goes, Ayurveda follows. Yoga will bring you peace of mind and Ayurveda a healthy body.

Canadian Ayurvedic Colleges

If you are someone living in Canada and want to study ayurvedic courses, then the Canadian College of Ayurvedic Medicine will help you in that regard. This college is the only institution in the whole of North America, that provides teaching by exceptionally qualified ayurvedic physicians, that have been trained at many healthcare centers and universities.

You could apply for the following courses:

  1. Diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine (D.Ay.M), 4 years
  2. Certificate in Ayurvedic Medicine (C.Ay.M), 2 years

There are some small term courses as well for you to apply if you are looking to achieve small steps to cover in one year only. Those courses are listed below:

  • Corrective therapeutic massage
  • Heat therapy
  • Herbal medicine
  • Ayurvedic pharmacy
  • Hygiene and public health
  • Ayurvedic nursing
  • Soft tissue manipulation
  • Ayurvedic massage
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Neurotherapy
  • Homeopathic medicine
  • Social and preventive medicine

Find Ayurvedic Jobs in Canada

Canada is open to welcoming many immigrants into its country. These  immigrants would help in building the nation in a better and unique way, by sharing their unique cultures and traditions with the country. Since there are more or less than 121,250 job postings in Canada, naturally, the demand of ayurvedic practitioners must also be high. This is a golden time for people looking for job opportunities. So if you are one of those people, then we would highly recommend you to start searching for your job now!

Requirements of Ayurvedic Practitioners Practicing in Canada

Though Ayurveda, as a science, is not legally recognized in Canada, you can still practice it to some extent. Opening a small business to sell some basic products or provide some basic services is allowed in Canada. However, communities like the Ayurvedic Association of Canada, are helping ayurvedic practitioners come and grow together. They are strengthening the base of Ayurveda in Canada.

Been wondering how much an Ayurveda doctor earns in Canada? The salary of an average ayurvedic practitioner in Canada ranges from $1,75,000 to $2,75,0o0 per annum.

After BAMS, you can apply for higher studies or just start your career from there too. BAMS graduates are in demand too when it comes to Ayurveda jobs in Canada.

Through the above article, we have hoped to offer you knowledge based on the field of Ayurveda. We explored various topics such as discussing the importance of Ayurveda in Canada, what are the ayurvedic colleges available in Canada, how you can look for jobs in ayurvedic field in Canada and what will be the requirements of ayurvedic doctors or practitioners in Canada.

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