Hospital Administrator Salary in Canada

Hospital administrator salary Canada along with industry based related salary breakups and read the scope of administrator job in Canada.

hospital administrator salary in canada

Have you ever wondered if you seen a job openings in Canada as a hospital administrator, then how much you would be making? Or ever thought about the average salary of a hospital administrator working in Canada? Well, no need to think more, because we have got the answers to all your questions right here! Read this blog till the end and be confused about nothing at all. We, at Talent Connected Worldwide, will answer all your queries. 

Your salary as a hospital administrator will mainly depend upon your qualifications, and the province in which you would be working in. However, the average salary of any medical hospital administrator in Canada is $55,726. 

Before getting to know the average salary province wise, let’s first know who a hospital administrator is. 

Who is a hospital administrator? The work of any hospital administrator is to make sure the working of their hospital is smooth and without any glitch. They also need to look over the financial aspects of the hospital. The work under an administrator also includes managing the staff, whether they be made of a few hundred or a few thousand people working in the hospital. 

Expanding the hospital and creating plans to do so also comes under the job of being a hospital administrator. Making those plans come to life, working on the goals, achieving those goals, all these issues are handled by the hospital administrator. The administrator is, as well, required to train employees and make sure they are working adequately.

Salary Range of Hospital Administrators:

Healthcare management in Canada provides a salary ranging between $37,300 to $370,000 per year. With $37,300 being on the lowest end and $370,000 on the highest.

Median Salary of Administrators:

Hospital administrators receive a median salary of $154,000 per year. This median is the middle salary value. It means some receive more, some less than the median value. 

Percentiles of Hospital Administrator:

The 25th and the 75th percentiles are the end values of the percentiles. This means that 25% in healthcare management are earning less than $85,900 while 75% are earning more than $85,900.  

Let’s take a look at Ontario. For Ontario, the average salary is $349,364 (CAD). However, in the subsequent paragraphs we will break down this information and tell you in detail about the salary. 

We know that the average salary is $349,364 Canadian dollars, however if we break it down to per hours payment, it is actually $168/hr. But the big deal is the average bonus received by the hospital administrator. The average bonus received by any hospital administrator is $100,791 Canadian dollars. The salary range of any hospital administrator is between $209,618 and $573,655 CAD. 

Ontario is one of the thirteen provinces of Canada, located in the center of it. Ontario is the most populated province in Canada, consisting of 38.3% of the country’s population. Ontario is also the fourth largest jurisdiction in Canada. 

Let’s take a look at Quebec next. Quebec is the second largest province after Ontario. The average salary of a hospital administrator is $334,387 CAD. Upon further breakdown we get to know that the hourly rate is $161 CAD. However, the hospital administrator receives an average bonus of $96,471 CAD. Did you know that any entry level hospital administrator with the experience of 1-3 years earns a salary of approximately $204,107. And the average salary of a senior hospital administrator earns almost $558,574. The seniors also have experience of 8 years or more.

Increase in Salary of Hospital Administrator

It is expected that the average salary of a hospital administrator may increase in the upcoming years to 17% or more. If you are living in Quebec, then you must know that the average living cost is 3% less than living in other places. This cost of living is based on the cost of food, health services, utilities transportation, rent, taxes and other miscellaneous charges that you would be required to pay.

In the above article, we gave you the information regarding what is the expected salary of a hospital administrator in Canada. We got to know the average median, lowest salary, and highest salary range as well. Furthermore, we discussed Canada’s two most populous provinces: Ontario and Quebec, and provided you with the information of any average hospital administrator working there. 

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