Perks of BAMS Salary in Canada

Hop on this journey where we will offer you important information, all regarding BAMS salary in Canada, job perks will be mentioned as well.

The acronym BAMS stands for the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. The course helps the students get familiar with ideas and concepts of Ayurveda so they can use this knowledge when it comes to treating patients. BAMS is an undergraduate degree program. BAMS salary in Canada is good too. 

The study of BAMS lets us subsume modern medicine with Ayurveda. The students of this course are taught to do the same to treat patients in a better way. Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical systems and one can probably trace the roots of Ayurveda to the Vedic era. The creative use of herbs, and using it for treatments of various diseases or illnesses. 

The Ayurveda medicine system has been accepted in many countries or nations globally. Millions of people have adopted Ayurvedic lifestyle for the betterment of their lives. This has opened many opportunities for people looking for jobs after completing their BAMS.

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Eligibility of BAMS in Canada

Even though BAMS isn’t regularized or recognized as a certified medical science in Canada, it is still allowed to be practiced by individuals. The Canadian Government has waved its green flags for all the BAMS physicians to apply for jobs, emergency doctors, and clinical practices. Those who have done BAMS are even eligible to apply for PR or permanent residency in Canada. 

You could open a small shop or even join a community for Ayurvedic practitioners such as the Ayurvedic Association of Canada (AAC). Operating under AAC could be really helpful for the BAMS graduates. AAC could help and guide them in future growth as well. To become a respectable member of AAC, you are going to need at least 500 hours of study from a reputable school. 

BAMS graduates have many advantages of their degree not only in just one country but globally as well. After you have completed your BAMS degree from a reputable education institution, you are eligible to practice Ayurveda as per the guidelines approved by the Canadian Government.

Salary of BAMS Graduate in Canada

As we mentioned above, a BAMS degree is a pretty useful degree and thus, anyone wondering about immigrating to Canada should be aware of the fact that possessing a BAMS degree will pay well. An average BAMS doctor gets paid up to $57,176 a year. More experienced BAMS doctors may get paid up to $74,398 to $90,932 a year too. Didn’t we say a BAMS degree pays well? 

Job Vacancies for BAMS in Canada

The more the merrier. This is a common phrase we have heard enough times, and usually, it is right too. If there are more jobs, it means there are more chances of employment. And when a country like Canada offers you a job, you cannot simply resist.

Canada has been welcoming new and new immigrants into its borders, as a way to grow its economy. And what other better way to grow a country than being generous to its immigrants? After giving 122, 322 job opportunities, Canada is waiting for you to join its workforce!  

Future Scope of BAMS in Canada

The future of BAMS is bright. Having a degree is already a big deal not only in India but also globally. BAMS graduates get paid handsome salaries as well. BAMS graduates have been in demand in the Canadian market too. Hence, to say that the future of BAMS is looking good, would not be an understatement. 

In Canada, if you have a BAMS degree, you can also work as an Ayurveda pharmacist, an Ayurveda consultant, an Ayurveda researcher, or even an Ayurvedic doctor or practitioner. 

To apply for a Canadian job, you need not wait for a Government job portal, many jobs are available on other sites as well. Several Canadian companies are posting jobs on many platforms such as Linkedin and others. If you have a work permit, you can easily apply for the job from the comfort of your home.

Many immigrants may be confused about how to apply for a job in Canada, but it’s actually pretty easy. 

In the above blog, you have come to know about the meaning of BAMS, how you can be eligible for it, how much salary they get, and what is the future scope of BAMS in Canada. 

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  1. My wife is a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) graduate from India and she has 6 years of experience as a Medical Officer (General Physician) in India. She will be moving to Canada on Spouse open work permit (SoWP). I consulted from different sources about her career prospects and job opportunities here in Canada but to no avail. Although, Ayurveda is not considered as a Medical science in Canada but her entire practice is in Allopathy Medicine only.

    I am writing this email to request you to kindly guide me if there is any opportunity for her in BC or any other province. Also, if you can recommend any certification/course she should pursue to continue in her profession here in Canada. I would be obliged.

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