Never lose your Canada PR again!

Never lose your Canada PR again!

If you don’t want to lose your Canada PR then you can simply renew it before its expiry date or just get Canadian citizenship altogether. Let’s first understand what is permanent residence?

What does permanent residence mean? 

Permanent residence means that a person has been given residence in the country. Means they have immigrated to Canada. In any case, do not get confused and think that permanent residency and citizenship is the same thing. 

When you gain permanent residence in Canada, you receive a PR card. Do you know what this card will do? Well, it is proof of you being a permanent resident of Canada! This card will come in handy when you travel outside of the nation and then you are coming back via airplane, bus, train, or car etc. You would be asked to show this card. 

Upon becoming a permanent resident, you would be able to enjoy so many benefits that the citizens of Canada also enjoy. Do you know that you would be able to move freely in the country? You can work anywhere you want, live anywhere you want, study wherever you want in Canada! 

Moreover, you would receive health benefits that many Canadian citizens enjoy. You can even apply for Canadian citizenship after that! Additionally, all permanent residents are protected under the Canadian Law. We think these many advantages are quite enough for anyone doubting whether to immigrate to Canada or not.

How to not lose permanent residence?

If you are thinking that you lose permanent residence when the PR card expires, then you are wrong. Actually, PR cards have an option of being renewed. Which means unless you went through an official process, you won’t be losing your residence in Canada.  

Just apply for the renewal of your PR card, and you are good to go! 

Still here? Oh, so you want to know how to apply for the renewal of a permanent residency card? Let us tell you then. 

  • Get an application package. This will have a guide that will guide you through the process of how to apply. The application package will also contain all the application forms that the candidate needs to fill. 
  • After you have carefully filled out the applications, you can get ahead with the payment process. Now, remember to include all the documents before you pay for the renewal. This is because once the payment is done, it cannot be undone. Moreover, you can only do payment online. 
  • Now, you are ready to submit the application! 

You see how easy the process is?

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