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The SINP Farm Owner and Operator pathway nominates eligible applicants and allows them to own and operate a farm in Saskatchewan. This pathway will expedite your immigration if you satisfy all its mandatory eligibility requirements. This article explains how Saskatchewan Farmer Owner and Operator works, and how you can apply for provincial nomination through this SINP category. 

Eligibility Requirements

Before applying for the Saskatchewan Farm Owner and Operator pathway, ensure that you meet all the requirements tabulated below.

Eligibility FactorsRequirements
Net WorthYour minimum net worth must be $500,000 CAD. This Net Worth must be:
-Verifiable by a third party that it legally belongs to you.
-The Net worth must be acquired legally
-The claimed net worth must be verifiable with at least 80% certainty.

Note: If you are under 40 years old, you will be eligible for the SINP Young Farmer Stream. In this case, the mandatory net worth will be $300,000 CAD. All other eligibility requirements will remain the same.
Farm ExperienceYou must have at least 3 years of experience and knowledge in Farm operation, ownership, and management. This includes verifiable prior experience in operating a farm. 

Note: If you own an agricultural land or a farming business without being actively involved in its operation, it will not qualify as farm experience. You might be eligible for the SINP Entrepreneur category
Exploratory VisitYou must have made a 5-days exploratory visit to Saskatchewan before submitting your application.
Farm Owner Assessment gridScore at least 55 points out of 100 points in the SINP Farm Owner/ Operator Intent grid. 
Minimum investmentA minimum investment of $150,000 is mandatory.
Farm ProposalYou will be required to submit a Farming operation proposal. This proposal must:
– Establish your intent to settle in Saskatchewan 
– Must demonstrate your knowledge about the agricultural sector of Saskatchewan and its farming practices, and their broad future outcomes.
– You must own at least one-third or 33% of the business
– If you are proposing a partnership and will own less than 33% of the business, you will be required to invest $1 million CAD.
Refundable Cash DepositYou will need to submit $75,000 CAD. This is known as the Good Faith deposit. This will be refunded to you after you meet the terms of your Performance Agreement.

Application Process

The outline of the application process for the Farm Owner and Operator category is as follows:

  • Make an exploratory visit to Saskatchewan
  • Submit a complete application to SINP.
  • Send forms and documents to the SINP-approved third-party financial verification provider
  • The third-party financial verification provider will submit a report to both SINP and the applicant.
  • Pay a $2500 processing fee
  • SINP will assess your application.
  • Invitation to sign a Business Performance Agreement and deposit $75000 CAD Good Faith Deposit.
  • Get provincial Nomination through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. 
  • Attend a landing or arrival meeting within 3 months or 90 days of coming to Canada.
  • Establish Farm Operation for at least 6 months and apply for the return of Good Faith Deposit.

STEP 1: Exploratory Visit 

An exploratory visit to Saskatchewan is mandatory for the SINP Farm Owner and Operator pathway. You must stay in the province for at least 5 days. You must utilize this trip to conduct research on farming business opportunities and meet service professionals. Your exploratory visit must be within a year of application submission.

STEP 2: Application Submission, Pre-Screening and Third-Party Verification Report

You must submit an application to the SINP along with all the supporting documents. Your application will be screened and if the screening is successful, the SINP will ask you to submit documents to the Third Party Financial Verification provider to assess your net worth. There are two SINP-authorised service providers – KGMP and MNP Ltd. You will need to submit your documents to either of the two service providers. The third-party financial service provider will then provide you and SINP with a report. The SINP must get the Third Party Verification Report within one year of successful screening.

STEP 3: Fee Payment and application assessment

Once the SINP gets the Third-Party Verification Report from both the financial verification provider as well as you, they will ask you to pay a non-refundable fee of $2,500 CAD. After the fee payment, your application will be assessed further for complete paperwork and eligibility. During this stage, you might also be called for an interview.

STEP 4: Approval and Nomination

Once your application is successfully assessed and approved, the SINP will send you:

  • Nomination Approval
  • Request for Good Faith Deposit (it must be paid within 3 months)
  • Business Performance Agreement.

Once you pay the Good Faith Deposit and sign and date the Business Performance Agreement, you will be nominated under the SINP Farm Owner and Operator category. Thereafter, you will receive:

  • Provincial Nomination confirmation
  • Canada PR application
  • Temporary Work Permit Support letter (if requested)

You will have 6 months or 180 days from the date of becoming a provincial nominee to apply to IRCC for Canada PR.

Farm Owner/ Operator Assessment Grid

The assessment grid for the SINP Farm Owner and Operator category scores applicants out of 100 points. You must have a minimum score of 55 points to be eligible for this pathway. The assessment grid awards for the following factors:

  • Visit – 15 points
  • Business Contacts: 20 points
  • Business Development Knowledge: 20 points
  • Home Ownership: 10 points
  • English Competency: 15 points
  • Family contacts: 15 points
  • Commitment: 10 points

Total Points: 100

The score breakdown for each factor is tabulated below.

Exploratory Visit – 15 points

No visit or no plan to visit Saskatchewan00
A 5-9 days’ business visit to Saskatchewan 10
A 10 or more days business visit to Saskatchewan 15

Business Contacts – 20 points

No business contacts with farm service providers in Saskatchewan.00
Minimal contact 05
Acquired generic advice from at least one or more business service or farm service providers in Saskatchewan.10
Acquired farm business-related advice from professional business or farm service providers in Saskatchewan.15
If you are paying for one or more Saskatchewan businesses or farm service providers to help you establish a farm business in the province.20

Business Development Knowledge: 20 points

No prior knowledge about farm business sectors and relevant opportunities in Saskatchewan 00
Basic knowledge about farm business and relevant opportunities in Saskatchewan05
You have completed one or more Saskatchewan-based entrepreneurial courses, or have enrolled in one and aim to complete it after arriving in the province.10
You have strong knowledge about the farm business sector and opportunities in Saskatchewan and have strong connections with retailers, suppliers, marketers, etc in the province.15
You have strong knowledge about the farm business sector and opportunities in Saskatchewan, and have strong connections with retailers, suppliers, marketers, etc in the province.20

Home Ownership – 10 points

Contacted a real estate agent to purchase a home in Saskatchewan 00
Contacted a real estate agent to purchase a home in Saskatchewan 04
Made an offer on a residential property in Saskatchewan06
You have bought a home in the province10

English Competency – 15 points

No English skills00
Minimal English proficiency like grade school training 03
Considerable English proficiency such as English as a Second Language (ESL) training06
You are currently studying in English10
Fluency in English15

Community or Family Contacts – 10 points

If you have previously applied to Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) other than Saskatchewan 00 
Have family or a community in Canada outside of Saskatchewan02
No community or family in either Canada or Saskatchewan05
If you have a community or extended family in Saskatchewan07
An immediate family in Saskatchewan10

Commitment – 10 points 

No active commitment to farm business ideas or investment in Saskatchewan00
Limited commitment to farm business ideas or investment in the province01-03 points
Moderate commitment04-07 points
Substantial commitment to farm business or active investment in the province08-10 points

If you aim to operate and manage a farm business in the province of Saskatchewan, the Farm Owner and Operator pathway is the best option for you. However, we would suggest you book an assessment to weigh your immigration options most accurately. 

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