Steps to Choose the Right Visa Consultant in Vadodara


There’s no shortage of fraud consultancies that are only after your money. This is the reason why Canada is promoting its Fraud Prevention Month, which is observed for the whole of March. If you would like to know more about visa consultants in Vadodara, do check out this blog.

Follow these Steps and Identify the Right Visa Consultants

Take help from the ICCRC website after entering their registration number, the company’s name, and viola, the website will verify if they are fake or not. It is very easy for people to fall into immigration traps.

Use these additional steps to choose the right visa consultant:

  • Many unfair immigration consultancies have the nerve to copy other advanced websites to make their own website seem authentic. They would try to trick you into believing that they are genuine and are actually working for your visa application. However, they are only going to con you into giving them money and then they will be invisible like a ghost. 
  • Differentiate between genuine and fake immigration consultancy companies otherwise your money is down the drain. 
  • The consultant company should be CICC approved, and if they are not, then know that the company is fake. 
  • If you are receiving emails from a common email id instead of a company name, then you may need to rethink if they are genuine or fake. 
  • Is your visa consultant asking for money on a chat app? Well, that’s a big red sign for everyone out there who is receiving messages like this. An honest company would never ask for payment on a chat app, rather they contact you via official emails. In addition, they also provide you with proof of payment. 

Don’t Choose Fake Immigration Consultancies

Do not choose fake immigration consultancies as they are frauds and will only waste your time. They are nothing but after your money. Time and again, police have captured fake visa agents that promise to get visas but as soon as the person pays them, these dishonest agents vanish. 

At first, they talk very sweetly. They would assure people that they will get the visa and the individual only needs to trust them. They would get the private details of people and show them a half-baked visa application process. The fake agents provide assurance to people that they would send them to different countries and would surely get them a job. 

After that, they would ask for payment on a common chat app, and if the applicant refuses to make the payment, then they might share a bogus passport or visa with the client. Now, that the client believes them, the consultants would ask for full payment and would vanish into thin air in no time. Of course, they are not hard but impossible to contact after receiving payment. 

Hence, this is the reason why we need to be aware of these fraudsters are continue spreading awareness so that others won’t fall victim to such traps.

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