The Guide to get a PR in Canada for Beginners

The Guide to get a PR in Canada for Beginners

PR in Canada means you are now a permanent resident of Canada. After an immigrant receives permanent residence, they can then apply for Canada citizenship! However, first, let’s know a bit more about PR in detail.

What does PR mean?

A PR is an immigrant who, naturally, immigrated to Canada but this does not make them a citizen. Canadian residents are not citizens. Citizenship and residence are two different things. 

Those who are permanent residents of Canada are still the citizens of their home country. 

Those who come to Canada for study or work purposes do not become a permanent residence. They are only in Canada for a temporary period of time. 

Permanent Resident Card

After becoming a permanent resident of Canada, the newly become PR applies for a permanent resident (PR) Card. This PR card is proof that you have been granted permanent residency in the country. 

If you are traveling outside Canada, and then coming back with whichever commercial vehicle, you need to show this PR card. 

In case you do not have a PR card, then you need to apply for a permanent residence document which you can show as proof of residency.

Advantages of Permanent Residence in Canada

Permanent residents have a variety of rights over things. Let’s talk about them! 

  • As a PR, you can freely live anywhere you want, work anywhere you want, and study anywhere you want in Canada! To be honest, this is one of the coolest things about being a permanent resident. 
  • Permanent residents receive treatment just like citizens of Canada. This means you would be able to get access to public health care insurance. 
  • You would receive all the rights and freedoms like that of a Canadian citizen. Permanent residents receive protection under Canadian law. 
  • If you don’t have permanent residency, you cannot apply for Canadian citizenship!

How to get Permanent Residence in Canada?

Wish to apply for permanent residency in Canada? Then follow these steps! 

1. Language Tests

You should take your language tests so that you can be ready with the test scores when you are applying for the PR process.

2. Immigration Pathway

Choose the immigration pathway via which you would be immigrating to Canada.

3. Documents

Submit all the necessary documents that you need to. These documents include your educational and work experience. Remember that you are to only provide original documents.

4. Medical & Police Certificate

You are also going to be need to submit a medical test certificate, police clearance certificate as well as prove that you are financially independent enough to support yourself.

5. Immigration Officer

Once your documents are submitted, an immigration officer will check them and make sure that everything is alright. If the officer requires it, you would need to provide more information about yourself so that they can check you properly.

6. CoPR

Once your permanent residence is approved, you will receive a notification regarding the same. After this, you will also get a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) card.

7. Canada!!

GO ahead and apply officially for the permanent residence card. NOW you can fly to Canada!!!!

How can I get PR in Canada?

You first need to create your Express Entry profile, then fill the application form, submit the documents, pay the permanent residency application fee, submit your application, then check your application status. When it’s approved, you will receive a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) card.

Is it hard to get PR in Canada?

If you are applying correctly, not making any mistakes in the application form, and doing everything rightly, then you can easily get PR in Canada! If the process gets tough or complex for you, you can take help from an immigration consultant too.

Can Indians get PR in Canada?

Yes, Indians can get PR in Canada. The Canadian Government invites candidates on a regular basis to get permanent residence in Canada. The highest scoring candidates receive the invitation from the government.

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