Things to Know About Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program

We will tell you about Canada Start-up Visa Program that helps immigration to Canada to people so they can start their new business.
Things to Know About Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program


  Here are a few things you should know about a start-up visa program. Do you know about Canada’s startup visa program? Don’t worry, I am here for that. So, this program in Canada gives to immigrate to Canada to begin a new business.

In addition to the program aims to connect innovative entrepreneurs with private sector investors in Canada who would help them create their start-up business. That helps things to do for set-up business in Canada .

Hence, there are three class of private sector investors:

  • Angel Financier.
  • Investing in New Businesses.
  • Incubator for Businesses
1. Which Condition Is Require to Apply Program?

The fundamental requirement for the Start-Up Visa are:

  • A qualified enterprise
  • Certificate of commitment and a letter of support from a specified organization.
  • A sufficient amount of transferable, unencumbered settlement funds.
  • At the same time its necessary to be able to speak English or French at the Canadian Language Benchmark level.
2. What Is A Designated Entity Under The Start-Up Visa Program?  

Angel financier, business investors, business incubator are the designated entity is a Canadian private sector so it invests on start-up programs:

  • A designated angel investor group must put around $75,000 into the qualifying company.
  • The eligible business must receive confirmation from a designated venture capital fund that it has received around $200,000 in investment.
  • A recognized business must admit the applicant into its business program.
 3. What Are The Steps a Potential Immigrant Entrepreneur Must Take to Get Support from a Designated Entity?

An entrepreneur wanting to immigrate to Canada must already have or establish a company strategy that satisfy government policy. So, business advisors in Canada’s start-up ecosystem and knowledgeable corporate immigration lawyers typically guarantee that start-up business plans adhere to all industry-specific requirements.

4. How long does the procedure take for a seeking immigrant entrepreneur?

If an entrepreneur has a solid start-up business concept, they need to get an agreement certificate or letter of support from an official organization within 4-6 months.

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