Things to Remember During Your First Visit to Canada

things to remember during your first visit to Canada

So you are done immigrating to Canada, but you want to know what are the next steps? That’s okay, we are here just for that. First of all, you need to go and get your permanent resident card. This card is of utmost importance and will come in handy in the future, believe me. So, you better get that card now. To know what are the next things to remember during your first visit to Canada, stay with us through the whole article. 

Must do These 10 Things! 

1. Getting a PR card

When you land at any port of entry of Canada, you will receive the PR Card. Now, you need to stay in the country until you receive this card. However, in case you need to leave the country, you can have the card delivered to your trusted friends or family members. 

2. Get a Canadian SIM card

See, this may feel as if it is not really an important thing to do right after you land in the nation. But believe me, it will come in handy once you need to make phone calls or use data. Now that you are in Canada, you need to get a job as well. To do so, you would need to connect with different employers and secure that job. And since you need to connect with employers in Canada, you will need data or make phone calls, right? See, why is getting a SIM card necessary?

3. Explore the city

This is quite an important thing to do after landing in a new place. We suggest that you dedicate the first few days to do this task and explore the place that you would call your home soon. Once you explore the place properly, you would know where to go for quick grocery shopping, or which market is the best for clothes and such things. Hence, this is why you need to explore the city well.

4. Find your new home city

Now that you have explored the city, you may have gotten a clearer idea of where you would want to settle down. So, go ahead and make a new home so you can move on to the next steps. 

5. Opening a Bank Account

This task is quite easy. Go to a Canadian Bank, choose the kind of account you would need, submit the necessary documents and that’s it! Your bank account is open and you can now keep your assets safe and secure and in one trustful place.

6. Applying for a Health Card

Once you have decided in which province or territory you would be settling in permanently, you need to apply for a health card immediately. This health card is going to come in handy in times of emergency and such.

7. Driver’s License is Important

Yes, it is. Do you know that you will not be allowed to drive in Canada if you don’t have a driver’s license? That’s why this is necessary. 

8. Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Social Insurance Number? Hmmm, what could be the use of it? Want to work in Canada? You need your SIN. Want to enjoy government benefits? You need SIN. See how it is useful?

9. Connecting back with Family and Friends

Now that you have moved to Canada, you need to check back in with your friends and family living in your home country. If you have got relatives in Canada, then you should also check on them. When you give some time to your friends and family, you won’t feel isolated in a new country. Find your community and be in touch with them.

10. Building a professional network

In the starting days of your arrival in Canada, you are going to need to seek out employers. Expand your professional network so you could understand the needs of the job market and apply for the right job in the right place.

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