Tourist Visa To Australia from India: Step by Step Process Explained


Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia, that is in 2019, the number of people that visited this country was about 8.6 million. However, according to data provided by Statista, only about 0.14 million people visited Australia in 2021. But that’s not all. Since the pandemic is now over, the number of visitors to Australia is increasing and so is the demand for a tourist visa to Australia. 

In this blog, we have mentioned how to apply for a tourist visa to Australia for Indians, and the additional information that one might need to know about an Australian tourist visa. 

Tourist Visa to Australia for Indian Citizens

An Australia tourist visa or a visitor visa allows Indians to visit Australia for a limited period of time for tourism purposes or to visit your family or friends living in Australia. One thing to remember when applying for this visa is that you cannot use the visa for business or medical purposes. 

An Australian visitor visa may let you study or train in Australia for about 3 months. Also, in any case, you cannot work in Australia with a visitor visa. If you are primarily going to Australia for studies, you might want to consider applying for a study visa. 

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Are you ready to know the steps to apply for an Australian visitor visa? Let’s check them out next! 

6 Steps to Follow for Australia Tourist Visa

  1. Determine your Eligibility 
  2. Gather Documents
  3. Applying for Visa
  4. Submit Medical test (if required)
  5. After Submitting the Application
  6. Wait for a Decision on Visa

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#1 Step – Determine your Eligibility

Before you go ahead and apply for a tourist visa, you must have a valid passport. In case you don’t have a passport, apply for one. 

If you need help with your visa application, only selected people can help you out. They must be:

  • A legal practitioner
  • A registered migration agent
  • An exempt person

#2 Step – Gather Documents

Documents you need to submit with your application:

  • Passport
  • National Identity Card (if you have one)
  • Proof of change of name (if applicable)

If you want your application to be accepted, make sure that you submit as much information as possible. 

Further, you also need to submit some pages of your passport to verify your identity. Also, ensure that you submit as many documents as you can to prove that you are only visiting Australia for a temporary period of time. 

  • Proof of enough money
  • Invitation letter
  • Proof of ties to home land 
  • Character documents (if applicable)

You need to submit a Military service record or discharge papers. 

  • If the applicant is under 18

In case the visa applicant is not older than 18 years, they need to submit additional documents.

Identification pages of a family book, identification document, court-issued document, family census register. 

They might also need to submit- legal guardianship papers, and adoption papers. Also, the person who submitted the application for the minor, needs to provide their passport or driver’s license, etc. 

  • Additional documents

In order to prepare documents for submission, you must translate them (if they aren’t in English) and get them scanned or photographed too. 

In the visitor visa application, you must provide accurate and genuine information, and all the documents it requires. 

#3 Step – Applying for Visa

When you are applying for the tourist visa to Australia from India, make sure that all the information provided is accurate and genuine. 

These are the steps to apply for an Australian visitor visa:

  • Create an ImmiAccount
  • Upload documents
  • If your family members are applying as well, submit their application with yoursNow, you must pay the application fee. Without paying the fee, your application will not be processed

#4 Step – Submit Medical test (if required)

You may also need to have a health test done. If you are not sure whether you need this examination done or not, you can also wait for the immigration authorities to ask you for a medical test. 

#5 Step – After Submitting the Application

Once the immigration authorities of Australia receive your application, they will let you know about it. At the time of visa processing, you must be outside Australia, since you applied outside of Australia. 

They will also let you know if you need to give biometrics, and some more additional documents. In case you believe that you put in any wrong information on the application, let them know as soon as you can! 

#6 Step – Wait for a Decision on Visa

Now is the time to wait for a decision on your tourist visa to Australia from India. In case the application is approved, you will get a visa grant number, the date when your visa will start and conditions of the visa. 

Australia Visitor Visa- Additional Information

Let’s see what information you might need to know about an Australian visitor visa. 

Australia Visitor Visa Validity

Though usually an Australian visitor visa lasts about 12 months, if your visa is coming with a ‘condition’, then that’s your validity. 

In easier terms, you can stay in Australia for a limited period of time since this is a temporary period of time. 

The Australia tourist visa is valid for about 12 months of 1 year. If your visa grant letter says otherwise, then that’s when you leave for your homeland.

How can I get tourist visa for Australia?

If you want to get a tourist visa for Australia, you must:
1. Create and ImmiAccount
2. Upload necessary documents
3. Submit applications of family members together
4. Pay visa application fee

How much is a tourist visa fee for Australia?

The cost of a visitor visa for Australia is AUD190.00. 

How long is Australian tourist visa valid for?

With a visitor visa of Australia, you can stay in Australia for about 12 months or 1 year. 

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