2263 NOC code in Canada

Update: job availability & requirement of 2263 NOC code in Canada

Do you know which is the newly accepted version of NOC codes? It’s the 2021 version! So, conforming to that version, the 2263 NOC code is now the 21120 NOC code. 

Previously, it was for “inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health and safety”. However, now it’s for “public and environmental health and safety professionals”. 

If you are searching for a job abroad under 2263 NOC code, then you should definitely check out this article. We will cover various areas such as the NOC code’s description, which job positions are included and which are not, what duties do they need to perform, and what are the employment requirements. Let’s start then! 

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NOC 21120 Job Description 

Public and environmental health and safety professionals have a lot of things to check as they are safety professionals. Some of these things are:- 

  • They need to review, monitor, and evaluate environmental safety hazards along with public health. 
  • To do so, they develop strategies to control, prevent, and eliminate disease along with whatever the environmental impact is caused by those chemical and biological factors. 
  • Part of their job is to inspect restaurants, municipal water systems, industrial establishments, and public institutions along with public facilities to make sure that government regulations are being followed. 
  • These regulations are regarding pollution control, sanitation, and how the hazardous substances are being handled. 
  • Jobs are available for them in both public and private sectors. 

Job Positions Included

  • Beauty Salon Inspector
  • Dangerous Goods Inspector – Railway Transport
  • Dangerous Waste Inspector
  • Enforcement Officer – Environmental Health
  • Environmental Health and Safety Advisor
  • Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator – Public Health and Environmental Safety
  • Environmental Health Inspector
  • Environmental Health Inspectors Supervisor
  • Environmental Health Officer
  • Environmental Health Officers Supervisor
  • Environmental Officer
  • Environmental Safety Advisor
  • Environmental Safety Consultant
  • Environmental Safety Officer
  • Environmental Safety Specialist
  • Flood Damage Inspector
  • Food Inspector
  • Hazardous Waste Inspector
  • Health Standards Inspector
  • Hotel And Restaurant Inspector – Public Health
  • Industrial Waste Control Inspector
  • Mine Examiner
  • Nursing Home Inspector
  • Pollution Control Inspector
  • Public Health and Safety Coordinator
  • Public Health Inspector
  • Public Health Inspectors Supervisor
  • Public Health Safety Inspector
  • Public Health Unit Supervisor
  • Public Safety Advisor
  • Public Safety Consultant
  • Public Safety Coordinator
  • Public Safety Officer
  • Public Safety Specialist
  • Quarantine Officer – Public Health
  • Restaurant Inspector
  • Rodent Control Inspector
  • Rodent Control Officer
  • Safety and Sanitary Inspector – Public and Environmental Health
  • Sanitary Department Inspector – Environmental Health
  • Sanitary Standards Inspector
  • Sewage Disposal Inspector – Environmental Health
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Inspector
  • Water Inspector
  • Welfare Institute Inspector – Public Health

Job Positions Excluded 

Job  Title
By-Law Enforcement and Other Regulatory Officers
Construction Inspectors 
Engineering Inspectors and Regulatory Officers
Occupational Health and Safety Specialists
Occupational Hygienist

Duties to Perform 

  • They collect chemical and biological samples and specimens to analyze them. 
  • They measure biological, physical, and chemical samples. 
  • Also, they conduct safety and environmental audits. 
  • These safety professionals inspect sanitary conditions of various areas such as schools, hospitals, restaurants, hospitals, and also public facilities. 
  • They need to conduct surveys and then monitor programs of the natural environment to find out pollution sources. 
  • They investigate complaints that are related to safety, such as spills of hazardous chemicals, and outbreaks of poisonings or diseases. 
  • Carrying out inspection of workplaces to make sure that no equipment, production processes, and material are hazardous to the environment. These things should not be hazardous to the health and safety of employees or just the public in general. 
  • And, yes they can initiate enforcement procedures in order to fine or close an establishment. 
  • Safety professionals lead development and implementation of public safety, environmental health and safety programs as well as strategies. They do so to mitigate risk and optimize the safety of public, worker’s heath, safety and environmental protection. 
  • They also provide consultation and deliver training programs to not just employers but also employees and the general public. The consultation is given on issues such as environmental protection, public health, or workplace safety. 

What are the Employment Requirements?

  • Someone looking for a job with this NOC code 2263 would need at least a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies, food science, or health and safety. 
  • Safety professionals need a certificate with the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP).
  • Those who are employed as public health inspectors outside of Quebec, need to have been certified with the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors.

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What is a 2263 NOC job description?

They ensure the safety of the public as well as the environment by analyzing various components. 

Is NOC 2263 in demand in Canada?

Yes, there has been a demand in Canada for NOC 2263.

21120 NOC code is for whom?

21120 NOC code is for Public and Environmental Health and Safety Professionals.

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