What is the Difference Between an eTA and an eVisa?

Are you confused about what is the difference between an eTA and an eVisa? Understanding the difference between an eVisa and an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is frequently confusing for visitors. Getting confused is fairly common, so you’re not alone! 

The types of travel documents that are available are an eTA and an eVisa. They have some variations despite functioning in a similar manner. Certain visitors must possess one of these documents according to the visa policies of several nations and territories. Visitors who do not have one of these required travel permits may be rejected entry into their destination.

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An eVisa: What is it?

A form of visa known as an eVisa is one that is completely applied for and processed online. It functions in the same way as any other visa and permits the holder to enter and stay in the country of issuing.

What Advantages Does eVisas Offer?

Many travelers prefer getting an eVisa because of its many advantages.

1. The Processing Time for Electronic Visas is Quicker

The online application is processed quickly, and the approved visa is often obtained in a few days. 

2. An eVisa Ensures a Simple Application

Compared to other visas, it is easier to apply for because it makes use of an easy online system.

3. eVisas Are Anxiety-Free

The application for an e-Visa can be made entirely online, therefore a personal appearance is not required. You can complete the application from the convenience of your home without having to go to an embassy or consulate.

How Can I Get an eVisa?

You must first confirm that this service is provided to tourists at your destination. After That, you can then go to their online application form if they accept, at which point. Simply fill out the spaces with the necessary information to apply. The eVisa is usually sent to your email address once it has been accepted.

An eTA: What is it?

An electronic travel authorization is refer to as an eTA. It grants its holder entry into the nation of issuing without the requirement for any kind of visa. Travelers from visa-exempt countries can use this document instead of a visa.

What Advantages Does eTA Offer?

An eTA offers many of the same benefits as an eVisa.

1. Obtaining an eTA is a simple process

Applying for an eTA is fairly simple because everything is done online.

2. You Save Time with an eTA

In comparison to applying for a visa or another kind of travel document, applying for an eTA is considerably faster.

3. An electronic travel authorization can be request online

You do not need to visit an official government office to submit an application. You can request for eTA online.

How Can I Get an eTA?

Some nations, like Canada, provide an eTA app that makes it simple to apply using a smartphone. You can begin the procedure once you are sure that you are eligible for the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) of your destination nation. Wait for your eTA to be mail to you immediately after filling out the online application form and providing your personal information.

Differences between eVisa and eTA

A visa is not the same as an electronic travel authorization. Only visitors who are citizens of nations that are members in the destination’s Visa Waiver Program are eligible to receive an eTA. In contrast, eVisas are usually available to citizens of most countries and territories.

The validity periods and limitations on travel of the two documents are also different. In contrast to an eTA, which frequently has a long validity period, an eVisa normally has a 30- to 60-day validity period.

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