Are You Travelling to Canada from India: Required Essentials

travelling to Canada from India

If you want your visit to Canada to go smoothly, without any obstruction then there are a few necessary essentials which you should have with yourself. Canada is a popular tourist destination as many attractions like Niagara Falls, Toronto and Montreal are located here. If you are travelling to Canada from India then you should know about a few important things such as a list of items that you should have with you and few do’s and don’ts.

Checklist of Items Required for Travel to Canada

You should do your packing to travel to Canada on the basis of your priorities.Before you start packing items, when you are going to visit Canada, make sure that you pack by creating a layout of what you require and what you don’t. Make a list of the things that are so necessary that you can not live without them. Here is your perfect guide for when you’re travelling to Canada from India. 

Out of your all essential items, here is the percentage wise prioritized luggage:

Clothes- 18.8%

Utensils- 18.8%

Medication- 31.3%

Travel Documents- 31.3%

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List of Documents That You Should Carry When Travelling to Canada from India

You should be carrying all the important and required documents when visiting Canada so that you can avoid any kind of inconvenience that may occur during the trip. Your documents are the first primary object that help you during your travel as they include your travel permit, passport and visa etc. 

Therefore create a list of these documents and put them safely in a separate packing so you do not go through any odd situation during your travel. In this list, your travel visa to Canada from India is the first item you must have with yourself. Described below is the list of documents:

  1. Passport 
  2. Proof of bank balance
  3. Education qualification documents
  4. Any other licensed certificate that you have  
  5. Baby vaccination record
  6. Printed air tickets
  7. Proof of bank balance

Medicines to Carry

You must carry the medicines if you are going through any medical condition. You should also be carrying band-aids, antiseptic cream, cotton and Dettol and other first aid items. They will help you if you go through any mishap during travelling to Canada from India. You also must fulfill the traveling to india from canada related covid requirements such as your covid vaccination certificate and more.


When you begin your journey of preparation, make sure you select those bags which are convenient to carry in the airways. Do not forget to check weight allowances and dimensions of your luggage on the respective website. If you are travelling to Canada from India then you definitely would not want to go through extra pay related to luggage and packing.

Pack as Per the Season

Described as following is the packing list (prepared according to seasons), if you are going to travel to Canada:


It is very much required to pack as per the seasonal requirements. During the daytime in summers, the average temperature in Canada is 95 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are an adventure seeker then carry a pair of hiking shoes, quick-dry hiking shorts, waterproof jacket and pants, sturdy hiking shoes, towel, flip flops, bathing suit and sunglasses. 


If you are traveling to Canada from India then make sure that you carry a few items, which are: gloves, scarf, winter hats, body warmer, jackets, sweatshirts, socks and other warm clothes. 


In case you have made up your mind to go travelling to Canada from India then you must be carrying necessary items with yourself. They include documents at first, as they are your permit to hustle free travel to Canada. Secondly you must pack your items as per the season during which you are going to visit Canada. 

Winters of this North American nation are very harsh so make sure you keep a check on warm clothes and woolen products. Apart from that, for summers pack according to the above described information. Carry your luggage as per required and also hold a first aid kit with yourself. 

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