Why Should You Move to Canada from the USA?

Thinking of relocating to Canada from the USA? You are not alone; more Americans and permanent residents from the United States are moving to Canada recently. But before relocating to Canada it is essential to know “Why should you move to Canada from the USA”? Is Canada a safe country to live in? Well, Don’t worry, in this blog we will tell you everything that you need to know!

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Reasons to Move to Canada from USA

1. Expense of Living:

When comparing different places to live, one of the most important variables is the cost of living. In general, the average cost of living in the United States is higher than it is in Canada. The cost of living is about 13% lower in Canada than in the United States, yet it can vary majorly depending on the sort of place you live in. In comparison to Canada, which is ranked 14th overall, the United States is the 6th most expensive nation in the world.

2. Transportation:

Transportation is an important factor in determining the cost of living, and generally speaking, public transportation in Canada is easier to use and less expensive than in the US. 

3. Healthcare:

When deciding whether to relocate to Canada from the US, healthcare is another important factor to take into account. Canada’s universal healthcare system makes overall healthcare far less expensive than in the US. 

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4. Opportunities for Education:

The world’s most educated nation is Canada! It is not surprising that they are a leader in education given that about 56 percent of the population has participated in post-secondary education. 

5. Safety Measurements:

Canada regularly beats the US in terms of safety and quality of life. The USA has around 400% higher homicide rates per population of 100,000 than Canada. The safety of Canada gives potential immigrants a sense of security that isn’t always available in the USA.

6. Natural Beauty and Culture:

Both countries have attractive and similar attractions. Canada has something for everyone in terms of culture and natural beauty! Canada has something to offer everyone in terms of natural beauty and cultural diversity. The majority of the land area set aside for national parks is in Canada. Canada has 47 national parks with a total area of 377,000 km2, compared to 62 in the US. The more than 22,000 hiking paths in Canada are a must-see if you enjoy nature.

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