IELTS Confirmation Notice: Follow Steps to Confirm Your IELTS!


It is necessary to receive an IELTS confirmation notice because it confirms your IELTS booking. The test taker then knows when to take the test, at what time the test is, and where it will be conducted. Generally, it takes about 5 to 7 days for the IELTS confirmation notice to come in the email of the test taker. Before you take the actual IELTS test, we suggest that you take an IELTS reality test to get the feel of the real test. 

IELTS Confirmation Notice

IELTS confirmation notice is uploaded 7 days before the written test. The test taker receives email that confirms IELTS test time and venue. In case the individual books their IELTS test 5 or fewer days before the test date, the confirmation notice will be sent as soon as possible. 

To receive latest updates by IELTS, make sure you allow IDP to send you emails. Keep checking your spam/junk folders if you don’t receive the confirmation notice on time.  

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Steps to Book IELTS Test

  1. Visit the IELTS official website and choose the “Register for Test” option. 
  2. Select your country and city from where you would be taking the test. You can take the IELTS online from anywhere. 
  3. Now, choose the IELTS date and time suitable to your needs. 
  4. After completing the online IELTS application, submit it. Along with the application, attach a clear copy of your passport too. 
  5. Now, pay the application fee. 

Once you have completed these steps, you will receive an email for IELTS confirmation notice.  

IELTS Test Date

IELTS tests on computers are available 3 times a day and 7 days in the week. Moreover, the test results for these tests are available within 3 to 5 days. 

In case you are taking a paper-based IELTS test, it is available four times a month, and 48 times in a year.

IELTS Test Centres in India

There are more than 75 IELTS test centres in India. If you are looking to get the desired time/date slot for your IELTS test, make sure to apply for the test as early as possible. At the time of registering for IELTS, you will choose the date and time to take the test. 

One can give both IELTS online as well as visit the nearest IELTS test centre to register for the test. 

Once the IELTS test centre confirms your test booking, you will receive an IELTS confirmation notice in your email. Through this IELTS confirmation notice, you will know:

  • when to take the test
  • where to take the test
  • at what time to take the test

How can I get IELTS exam confirmation?

You will receive the IELTS exam confirmation notice after you submit an application for booking the test. This confirmation notice comes a few days before the actual test. 

What is confirmation email in IELTS?

The IELTS test taker receives a confirmation email that confirms the date, time and venue of the IELTS test. The confirmation email arrives 5 to 7 days before the IELTS test.

Can I book IELTS 2 days before?

No, you cannot apply for IELTS 2 days before. You can apply up to 3 days or 72 hours before the IELTS test.

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