336 New invitations for BC PNP Skill Immigrants

On 28, November 2022, 336 New Invitations for BC PNP Skill Immigrants were Invited under the Provincial Nomination Program.
336 New invitations for BC PNP Skill Immigrants-min

On 28, November 2022, the British Columbia invited a total of 336 candidates under the Provincial Nomination Program of Skills Immigration Scheme. This was the first Skills immigration draw of the province after the new NOC code 2021 version was introduced. The candidate who scored between 60 to 105 received the invitation from the province of British Columbia. 

Here is a list of recent British Council PNP draws.

1 28th November 2022 336 60-105
2 8th November 2022 13 114-120
3 12th October 2022 374 60-114
4 4th October 2022 244 60-120
5 27th September 2022  215 100-120

List of BC PNP Draws

  • On 28th November,2022 336 candidates, scoring between 60 to 105 points got the invitation.
  • The draw of 8th November 2022 was under the BC PNP Entrepreneur Stream. The number of invites was just 13.
  • On 4th October 2022 it was a draw for skills immigration stream under the British Columbia provincial nominee program. The number of candidates was 244.
  • Similarly, the province invited around 374 candidates to apply in British Columbia in the draw on 12th October.
  • On 27th September 2022 the BC PNP draw invited a total of 215 candidates.

Therefore, the candidates must stay updated and constantly check the official websites for avoiding missing any related notifications.

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