Alberta Latest PNP Draw: Invitations to Healthcare Occupations


Alberta in its most recent draw sent out 13 invitations to workers in the healthcare occupations. Also, the latest Alberta PNP draw sent out notifications of interest letters through the Dedicated Healthcare Pathway. Moreover, there was one more round of draw that sent out 150 notifications of interest letters. These invitations letters provide 600 additional CRS scores to the candidates, thus increasing their chances of getting Canada PR .

Alberta Latest PNP Draw

In latest Alberta PNP draw, 13 invitations were issued to professionals in healthcare occupations. Lowest CRS score for this round was 327.


Date: 10 Oct, 2023

Invitations: 13

Minimum Score: 327

Stream: Dedicated Healthcare Pathway (with Alberta job offer)

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Candidates meeting the eligibility criteria for the Dedicated Healthcare Pathway. Also, the CRS score cut-off for this round received invitations. Moreover, there were other requirements to meet as well, for instance the invited candidates needed a valid job offer from an employer in Alberta.

Alberta PNP Draw- 05 Oct

The second latest Alberta PNP draw was conducted on 5th October, 2023. A total of 150 notifications of interest letters were sent out to eligible candidates. 


Date: 05, Oct, 2023

Invitations: 150

Minimum Score: 323

Stream: Family Connection and Primary Occupation in Demand

The lowest CRS score considered in this round of draw was 323. Also the stream from which invitations were sent out was the Family Connection and Primary Occupation in Demand. 

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