All PNP Draws Update: Chance to Become a Resident of Canada

This news will have all PNP draws update. The provinces that held draws were Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Quebec.
All PNP Draws Update: Chance to Become a Resident of Canada

In the last week, 5 provinces of Canada held provincial immigration draws in which they issued lots of invitations so that foreign nationals could come to the country and work there. This is why we bring to you this news that will have all PNP draws update, so you could stay up to date! If you have received an invitation from one of these draws then you may become a PR in Canada !

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Provincial Immigration Pathways

Using the provincial immigration pathways, a total of 5 provinces of Canada have released invitations. Why do these provinces or territories issue invitations? Well, it is because the country is in need of workers and the workers in Canada are not being enough. Hence, the nation has been allocating invitations to territories and provinces so that they can call for individuals who they think would be helping the local economy to grow. 

These provincial immigration pathways give provinces the freedom to select candidates based on their skills and CRS points. These potential candidates, in the future, will help the province in growing further. They join the labor force and work as valued workers in the job market.

Which Provinces Held PNP Draws?

Let’s do this alphabetically. 


Though the draws were out on 30th March, the results only came out recently. Around 150 invitations were sent to candidates. What candidates needed in this province’s PNP was familial ties, and their interested job field should be in the primary occupation in demand. Apart from this, they needed to have a minimum CRS score of 372.

British Columbia

Released on 4th April, these draws invited 175 candidates. It was a general draw, not targeting a specific stream of workers. The minimum eligibility score was 85. 

New Brunswick

These also came out on 4th April. How many candidates could apply for the permanent residency of New Brunswick? 186! 

Out of these, 70 were of NB Employment Connection, 74 via NB Occupations-In-Demand Connection, and 42 through the NB Student Connection.


One more draw on April 4th. 883 candidates received the chance to go and live in the country. These draws invited candidates from both the Master’s Graduate stream along with PhD candidate stream. 

If you were from the Master’s Graduate Stream, then you need a minimum score of 52 so you could apply for PR in Ontario. However, if you were from the PhD Graduate stream, then you only needed a score of 48. 


Through the Quebec Regular Skilled Workers Program, the province called for 619 candidates to join the local workforce and grow the local economy. Candidates needed a minimum score of 578 CRS points. 

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