BC PNP Draws: Huge Number of Immigrants Welcomed this Year

In this news, we will be discussing the latest BC PNP draws, and how many immigrants received ITAs. Let’s know some acronyms too!

In the previous rounds of the BC PNP draw, we saw a routine of inviting healthcare workers, tech workers, and childcare workers specifically. From the already available data, it could be said that this round of BC PNP Draws, could again invite workers from the same occupations as before. However, because of lack of information, nothing could be said for certain.

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Latest British Columbia Draws

The draws from the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program are about to come and the results will be shared with you soon! The minimum score in the previous draws have generally been the same. The general draws were always around 85 in the last draws, but in one of the targeted draws it was 82. And, as for other targeted draws, it was 60. In most of the cases, the targeted draws were calling for childcare workers as well as healthcare workers. 

The province of British Columbia invites international workers to come, stay in the country as well as work there. Almost every Tuesday, we see that WelcomeBC, the official website of British Columbia, releases a draw update. In the update you could see when the draw came out, what was the minimum score, from which streams of workers are invited, and what are other requirements of invitation. 

Besides these, you would also find many acronyms throughout the page. If you would like to know what these acronyms are, why don’t you check the paragraph below. 

Understand Technical Terms in Draws

There are a few technical terms that sometimes confuse our mind. Happened with you too? No worries, we’ll explain some of the acronyms. 

BC- British Columbia

PNP- Provincial Nominee Program

ITA- Invitations to Apply

NOI- Number of Invitations

EEBC- Express Entry British Columbia

NOC- National Occupational Classification

IRCC- Immigration, Refugees and  Citizenship Canada

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