British Columbia Draw Once Again Targets Certain Occupations

British Columbia Draw Once Again Targets Certain Occupations

In the most recent British Columbia draw, the occupations seen in the previous draws are once again targeted. More than 225 candidates receive invitations to apply for Canada permanent residency through Express Entry. 

If you want to work in British Columbia, you would first need a visa to enter Canada since Canada is not one of the visa free countries for India so you can submit your application in the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program. If you receive an invitation in these draws, then it would increase your CRS score and hence your chances of getting an invitation from Express Entry draws increases. After receiving an invitation from Express Entry, you can then apply for permanent residency and may even get Canada PR!

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British Columbia Draw- 25 July, 2023

Date: July 25, 2023 

Invitations: General- 175, Targeted- 50+

Minimum Score: General- 87, Targeted- 60

Occupations: General- Includes Tech, Targeted- Healthcare, Childcare, Other Priority Occupations

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General Round  

In the general round of draws, British Columbia invited a total of 175 candidates from five streams. These streams are- Skilled Worker, Skilled Worker EEBC option, International Graduate, International Graduate EEBC, Entry Level and Semi-Skilled. 

Minimum score according to each stream is provided below:

  • Skilled Worker: 106
  • Skilled Worker EEBC option: 106
  • International Graduate: 109
  • International Graduate EEBC: 109
  • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled: 87 

Take a look at the images taken from the official website of British Columbia to verify the numbers. 

British Columbia Draw- 25 July, 2023

Targeted Round 

There were three targeted rounds for three occupations, namely Childcare: Early childhood educators and assistants, Healthcare, and Other Priority Occupations. 

From the Childcare: Early childhood educators and assistants occupation, 30 candidates received invitations to apply for Canada PR. The minimum score required for those candidates to be eligible for this draw was 60. 

20 candidates were selected from the healthcare occupation to apply for Canada PR and the minimum score requirement remained the same as before which was 60. 

The third targeted draw invited less than 5 candidates from Other Priority Occupations (NOC codes 31103 and 32104). Just like before, the minimum score required was still 60. 

British Columbia Draw- 25 July, 2023

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