Canada Announces “New Open Work Permit For Spouse And Family”

Canada Announces “New Open Work Permit For Spouse And Family”

Good news for immigrant families living in Canada. Not so long ago, the IRCC Minister made an announcement to strengthen family reunions . This announcement included a few changes that would be affecting the families living in Canada positively. 

Moreover, the changes aren’t just for families, but also for spouses. This included faster processing time for spousal applications, and some new tools for spousal TRV applicants. If someone has an expiring open work permit, they apply for visa extension between August 1 and December 31, 2023. 

But the most important thing of all, there would be a new open work permit for spouse and family applicants. 

About the New Open Work Permit 

Canada has been working towards a better future for immigrants coming to its territories and provinces. The country is always looking for ways to simplify the immigration process or introduce new pathways. This time, Canada announced a new open work permit which will help the spouse and families of immigrants. 

According to the immigration minister, Sean Fraser, the government of Canada firmly believes that families should stay together, especially in big moments of life. 

Furthermore, the recently announced measures will help the country battle labor shortages effectively, as more and more immigrants would be able to come to Canada easily. 

As of now, the processing times of family sponsorship applications take way too much time. But once the new measures come into effect, families won’t have to wait for much when it comes to getting their permanent residencies. 

What was the Announcement?

Minister Sean Frased said, “faster temporary resident visa (TRV) processing and more considerate application measures so that families can be together sooner while they wait for their permanent residence to be finalized. Going forward, most of these applications will be processed within 30 days, and applicants will benefit from processing measures specific to their circumstances as spouses and dependants. Many applications have already been processed using these new tools. Within this cohort of applicants, we have seen an approval rate of 93%.”

Under the spouse or common law partner in Canada class (SPCLC), if a partner, spouse, or dependent applies for a work permit, they will receive it as soon as they submit a completed PR application. 

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