Canada & Manitoba Govt Invests $180 Million for Child Care Space

Canada & Manitoba Govt Invests $180 Million for Child Care Space

The news release came out on 20 July, 2023, that Canada & Manitoba govt invests $180 million for child care space. This funding will help build more child care spaces in both public schools as well as post-secondary institutions around Manitoba. So, basically, it will ensure that children in Canada are happy and taken care of from an early age of life. 

With this funding, childcare in Canada is set to be stronger. The investment will be made over the course of three years. 

What’s the Investment About?   

On 20 July, the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Learning, and the Member of Parliament collectively announced an investment of $180 million. This investment will happen over the time period of 3 years. Thousands of childcare spaces are set to be built using this investment. 

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As this funding is a collective investment by the federal government of Canada and the provincial government of Manitoba, it is obvious that Manitoba will benefit from it. 

Who Will Benefit?

The government of Canada firmly believes that children across Canada, no matter where they are, deserve to live a good life. They should have access to education, high-quality education, so that they can succeed in life. This is why the Canadian Government is on the path to build a nation-wide early learning and child care system. So that families throughout Canada could have access to child care spaces that are of high-quality, flexible, affordable, as well as inclusive. Hence, the federal government is collaborating with the provincial, territorial and also the Indigenous partners to build a better system. 

From the total of $180 million, $132 million will go towards 36 public spaces to create over 2,400 child care spaces for those children who are under seven. 

$45 million will go towards expansion of 680 new child care spaces for children under 7, throughout eight post-secondary institutions. 

Another $3.4 million is for children of age between 7-12. Around 615 spaces will be created using this investment. 

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