Canada Needs More Workers to Overcome Housing Crisis


Canada’s immigration targets are soaring high and that’s a good thing. But the country also needs to understand that if the intake of immigrants has been going up as the years pass by, these immigrants are also going to require more resources. One such important resource is housing. Lately, Canada has been inviting more immigrants than it can provide housing or accommodation to. Hence, the country is going through a housing crisis. Thus, it is safe to say that Canada is in need of more workers in this industry to tackle the situation. 

If you are looking for helper jobs in Canada for Indian you should go ahead and check out the essential job role that a construction laborer performs. There’s much need for construction workers in Canada and more job scope too. 

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What does Immigration Minister say about this?

In a recent interview, a reporter asked if the newly appointed Immigration Minister would be slashing down some immigration targets, since they are too high. In response, the minister said that there’s no need to slash down the numbers. Instead, Canada needs to invite more workers to overcome labor shortages in essential sectors such as healthcare, tech, agriculture, housing, etc. The housing demands in Canada are rising with the growing number of workers immigrating to Canada. 

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According to the Immigration Minister, if Canada wants to build more houses, it needs to invite more skilled workers in this 

More Job Opportunities?

The need to build more houses in Canada has brought the need to invite more skilled workers which obviously means more job opportunities. Apart from that, Marc Miller also said that the federal government is working towards making life and accommodation more affordable. 

If we take Ontario for example, we see that the province needs 100,000 workers to work on the housing crisis in the province. Also, the reason why Ontario requires so many workers is because it is one of the most chosen provinces by immigrants. 

Apart from Ontario creating job opportunities in Canada, the construction industry of Canada is also in need of more than tens of thousands of workers to recover from labour shortage. 

Miller will not be slashing down the immigration targets because he understands that if more people won’t come to Canada, who will contribute to the growth of the economy. Moreover, the government of Canada has always understood the importance of family reunification and when a greater number of immigrants come to Canada, they will bring growth as well. 

Further, around 60% of immigrants belong to the economic class, which undoubtedly means they are valuable and would surely contribute to building more houses. 

With the launch of Category-based Express Entry draws, it is expected that these draws will invite more immigrants from the necessary occupations. 

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