Analyzing Express Entry Draws: What will happen in future draws?


As we know, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada ( IRCC ) is one of the governmental immigration authorities that manage the intake of immigrants in Canada. IRCC’s work is also to regularly hold Express Entry draws to invite qualified and eligible candidates in the country. 

The draws are conducted while keeping a few things in mind, such as which industry in Canada is in need of more workers, candidates should be invited from which immigration pathways, how much should they be qualified, and whatnot. 

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Express Entry Draws in the Past Months 

In the previous months of this year, IRCC has made many changes in the system to facilitate a faster immigration process, expedited application processing and better immigration pathways to choose candidates from selected occupations. For instance, take the example of the newly launched Category-based Express Entry draw

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These selective draws invite candidates from specific occupations only. For 2023, IRCC decided to prioritize inviting candidates from 6 selective fields only. These categories are:-

  1. French Language Proficiency 
  2. Healthcare Occupations
  3. Trade Occupations
  4. Transport Occupations
  5. STEM Occupations
  6. Agriculture and Agri-Food Occupations

The thing that makes these categories and this kind of draw so special is that if the draw came out today for the Healthcare occupations then only candidates from these occupations will receive invitations. 

It’s not like every time a Category-based draw comes out, candidates from all 6 categories would receive invitation. 

Will all Future Draws be Category-based draws? 

Since launched, there have only been 7 Category-Based Express Entry draws and in between these draws, there have been 3 usual Express Entry draws. As you can see, the launch of Category-Based Express Entry draws does not mean that all the future draws will be this way only. 

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will keep on conducting different types of draws. Candidates will not just have the chance to apply for Canada PR through the category-based selection, but also get to apply for immigration via other programs under the Express Entry. 

For example, one can choose the Federal Skilled Trades Program, Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class or even Provincial Nominee Program and still get the chance to receive an invitation. 

Whatever be the case, whichever program you apply under, what matters are your skills, education and work experience. These and other factors will decide your comprehensive ranking system score, which will overall determine whether you qualify for the draws or not. 

CRS Scores Will Depend On?

The CRS score is calculated using various factors such as the individual’s age, language proficiency skills, work experience (in & out of Canada), adaptability, education, and other such factors. 

In the previous draws of this year, we have noticed all kinds of CRS cut-offs. From a cut-off of 791 back in Feb, to a cut-off of 375 not-so-long ago. So what does this pattern say? Does this mean the upcoming draws will have higher CRS cut-offs or lower? 

Actually, analyzing previous draws have led us to believe that anything can happen. There could be specific draws or category-based, with a higher number of invitations to apply and lower CRS cut-off. Or there could also be lower ITAs issued on a higher CRS minimum score. 

No matter the case, if you want to secure an ITA, ensure scoring a greater CRS score as it will always lead to increased chances of being invited. 

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