Canada to implement new rules in 2024, Important for newcomers

In 2024, Canada is about to implement several new rules across the country that will affect not only foreign workers but also study permit holders. Some rules are regarding the increase in minimum wages, and the other consists of new financial requirements for study permit holders

New rules for 2024: How Canada is changing to welcome more foreign workers

A number of Canada’s provinces are about to increase their minimum wages. This will significantly help attract more newcomers to these specific provinces in 2024. 

The provinces increasing their minimum wages in 2024 are:

  • Nunavut- currently $16, increased to $19 as of 1st January, 2024
  • Nova Scotia- currently $15, will increase on 1st April, 2024
  • Ontario- currently $16.55, will increase on 1st October, 2024
  • Prince Edward Island- currently $15, will increase to $15.40 on 1st April and $16 on 1st October, 2024

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Other Changes

There are other changes that’ll be implemented in 2024 as well. For starters, temporary work agencies will need a license to hire foreign workers. 

Further, recruiters of such agencies also need to be licensed in order to act as an employer. 

This change will be implemented starting 1st July, 2024. Ontario introduced such a measure to prevent foreign workers exploitation. 

As for the study permit holders, the cost-of-living requirement has increased for study permit applications. 

And by increased, we mean more than doubled. Previously, the financial requirement to show was just $10,000. However, now it is $20,635 for a single study permit application. 

On the study permit application, the applicant will show additional funds which includes the cost of travel and first-year tuition fee. 

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