Canada Works to Help Newcomer Women Across the Country!

The province of Ontario announced a $768,000 investment in the Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) in late March. So, Canada works to help newcomer women across the country. As well as Canada is funding Women Leaders!

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Who Helps Newcomer Women

IRCCas well as provincial/territorial governments are both trying to support newcomer women arriving in Canada.


Women at Risk (WAR) – as part of the Urgent Protection Program (UPP) – and the Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot (RNWP) are two government programs and services available to women arriving in Canada through IRCC.

The WAR program

The IRCC’s Women at Risk (WAR) program assists “women who need urgent protection or are vulnerable but do not have to show that they have settlement potential.”

The RNWP program

The Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot (RNWP) program provides settlement services and support to newcomer women in Canada. So, in order to improve their employment outcomes and career advancement to greater opportunities for racialized newcomer women to participate equally and fully in Canada’s economy.

Which Province/Territory Offers This Service

Each Canadian province and territory provides assistance through local groups to assist newcomer women with anything from day-to-day life in Canada to finding work. So, studying for an upcoming citizenship test, and even finding a mentor. 

Each province/territory has at least one organization that serves Canadian newcomer women. 

1. Alberta

Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association: A organization that helps immigrant women negotiate daily life, find work, locate a mentor, and obtain general/job-specific language instruction, among other things.

2. British Columbia

Women’s Economic Council (Vancouver): A charity whose aim is to encourage every woman’s participation in building economies, particularly women who face multiple systemic barriers.

3. Manitoba

Employment Solutions for Immigrants Inc. (Winnipeg): An employment services agency that assists immigrants in obtaining work and navigating daily living in Canada, so, with a focus on women.

4. Saskatchewan

International Women of Saskatchewan: The International Women of Saskatchewan offers a variety of programs and services for Canadian newcomer women, ranging from employment. So, job search assistance to specialist language tests and settlement resources.

5. Ontario

Access Alliance Multicultural Health & Community Services (Toronto): An immigrant and refugee service provider whose mission is to “improve health outcomes [for those who] have been made vulnerable by systemic barriers and poverty.”

6. Quebec

The Women’s Centre of Montreal: It is a non-profit organization that assists recent newcomer women “during the immigration process to facilitate settlement and integration through individual support and/or group activities.”

7. Prince Edward Island

Immigrant and Refugee Services Association PEI Inc. (Charlottetown): A non-profit organization that offers a variety of services to Canadian newcomers, including language classes and job placement aid.

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