Canada’s Newly Redesigned Passports Reveal

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser and Families, Children, and Social Development Minister Karina Gould revealed Canada’s newly redesigned passport today. That newly redesigned passport makes it safe to enter into Canada

Since 2013, the passport has been undergoing change. According to the government, it is a routine step to avoid counterfeiting and add more current security features.

What’s changing in Canada’s Newly Redesigned Passports

To protect Canadians’ identity, the new passport has security measures in place. Minister Fraser highlighted that the passport will have a polycarbonate data page and that personal data previously printed with ink will now be laser engraved. This is done to increase the data page’s durability and resistance to creating and tampering. 

Additionally, there is a temperature-sensitive ink function, a changing laser image, and a special see-through glass with a secondary image of the passport holder.

What changes are there in terms of design?

The minister said the document’s design would represent Canada’s natural heritage. As well as the design is the result of extensive engagement with various parties. He also stated that designs should be completely changed every few years to help improve security.

According to Passport Canada’s most recent figures, as of May 5, 209,548 passport applications have been submitted this year and 210,171 passports have been issued.

Due to the Public Service Alliance of Canada strike, affecting over 155,000 federal employees, Passport Canada recently suffered some processing delays. The number of applications processed fell about 45% over the weeks of April 17–23 and April 24–30.

Features of the Canada’s Newly Redesigned Passport

In order to further protect your identity, Canada’s Newly Redesigned  Passports are implementing a number of new security measures:

  • modified the cover
  • added photographs of Canada’s people, landscapes, and wildlife that only exist in Canada to the visa pages to highlight its natural beauty 
  • appear in ultraviolet light

You can receive the new or the old version depending on when you apply. To make sure your passport is recognized as a valid travel document, you don’t need to renew early because both versions are safe and dependable.

What additional security features?

Your passport will be more safe thanks to a number of additional security measures, such as

  • an updated, unchangeable data page
  • The covers have metallic foils that resemble maple leaves.
  • the back features an engraved maple leaf

This includes color-shifting ink in the shape of a deer and a snowflake to the inside of the front cover, as well as a visible passport chip and antenna on the opposite page. These features can be used to validate your passport and keep your information safe.

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