Canadian Visa: Big announcement for Pakistani candidates

The Government of Canada announced a big decision related to the Canadian Visa for Pakistani candidates. Ottawa has reduced the time it takes to process visas, so Pakistani applicants who want to visit Canada will now be able to do so within two months. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Minister Sean Fraser of Canada tweeted about the development.

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The minister announced that Pakistani nationals would be able to obtain a visit visa to Canada in 60 days instead of 802 days. In addition, he promised to speed up the procedure so that it could be finish in a month, which would greatly shorten the time required for visa processing.

The minister posted on Twitter and wrote:  “Visa processing times are not 802 days for new applications. Currently, a complete TRV application from Pakistan will be process in 60 days, and we expect to hit 30 days in the near future.”

He further says that according to the website, Canada is processing visas in 802 days because they are reviewing earlier applications from when borders were closed due to the pandemic.

He said in his tweet, “We’ve greatly reduced the backlog for Pakistani TRVs, from 55K to less than 15K. The Canadian minister also provided an update on the government’s investment in a new processing facility in Islamabad, which will increase the region’s capacity for processing and interviews between India and Pakistan.

How would the plan help?

This plan to decrease the processing time for visas, allowing Pakistani applicants who want to visit Canada to do so in less than two months. This allows willing Pakistani candidates to immigrate to Canada within two months. So, the Pakistani candidates easily to move Canada and live their life in Canada.

Canada plans to welcome a record 431,645 immigrants in 2022. According to the 2022-2024 Immigration Levels Plan, that number will only increase over the following three years.

In Canada, immigration is usually view as being beneficial to the country’s multicultural identity, economy, and population growth.

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