Education System in Canada- How Do Schools in Canada Work?

Education System in Canada- How Do Schools in Canada Work?

Many immigrants who have newly moved to Canada might have many concerns about its education system. They might be worried about several things such as the education system in Canada, how it works, what kinds of schools the nation has, and so on. 

It is quite natural to have such queries since education is the matter of someone’s life being made. So, if you are a newly arrived PR in Canada , you don’t have to worry about these questions anymore as we are about to answer them below and even mention more questions. Stay tuned! 

Education System in Canada- Types of Schooling 

The education system of Canada is considered as one of the best in the whole world, the reason why so many students every year choose to study there. And it’s not just about the students but also the trust of parents that send their children to these schools worry free. 

However, for newly arrived parents in Canada looking for good educational institutions and not knowing how to choose the right one or on what basis should they judge an educational institution, it might be a little worrisome. 

But with this blog they have nothing to worry about. So, go ahead and read about the schools in Canada. Let’s start with the types of schooling in Canada. 

There are three levels or types of schooling in Canada. These are-

  • Primary– 5 to 12 years old
  • Secondary– 12 to 18 years old 
  • Post-Secondary

One more thing to know here is that the education system varies according to the province the school is in. And even within the province, there may be different kinds of schools and education offered differently based on in which district they are. So all in all, the kind of education offered depends on the location. 

Anyways, let’s start with the questions now. 

When do Canadian schools start? 

As a school year typically ends in June, the starting is in late August or could be early September. 

A school day starts at 8 or 9 am and ends at around 3 or 4 pm. 

How to get your child registered in a Canadian school? 

Since every school works differently, to know the procedure of how to enroll your child into a school it is best to contact the school board itself. You should get in touch with the school board as soon as possible, since the available spots may fill up soon. 

Which subjects are taught at the schools? 

Though the curriculum of the school would differ according to the province, since it’s the province that sets the curriculum, there are still some subjects are taught in every school. 

Your child will still study various subjects such as English/French, math, social studies, science, physical education, and art. 

How will the child reach school?

There are bus services offered by the school board that you can take advantage of. If your child is old enough, they can also take public transportation, or manage their own transportation. 

If nothing else, there’s no one stopping you from taking your child to school and back. 

Public Schools vs Private Schools: Which is Better?

Public schools are available everywhere, in each province and territory. Moreover, they are absolutely free. Isn’t it a great way to save some money? Your child gets the education they deserve and no money needs to be spent. 

Under Canadian law, all children can access this free education. And if your child does not know the English language, no worries, they can study in French. You see, the public Canadian schools are available in both languages. 

Now, onto the private schools in Canada. These schools will charge a tuition fee. But if you don’t have the money to enroll your child into them but still want to, well there’s a way for that too. 

A few of the private schools offer scholarships to excellent students who show brilliant skills in artistic, academic, or athletic fields. 

Other than public and private schools, there are French immersion schools too. As the name suggests, these schools teach French to those who know nothing about the language. If your child is interested in knowing the language, get them enrolled in one of these institutions! It would be a great way for the student to develop some bilingual skills. 

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