Express Entry Draw 247 | 3,500 Invitations Issued!

Express Entry Draw 247 | 3,500 Invitations Issued!

The number of invitations to apply for permanent residency issued are 3,500. This is the same as the first Express Entry 246 of April, but at that time the CRS cut off was 486, 3 points higher than this time. Read the whole news to know more. 

Express Entry 247th Draw

This is the second Express Entry draw of the month of April, where the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has once again issued 3,500 invitations. 

Draw type: All program 

ITAs issued: 3,500

CRS score cut-off: 483

Draw date: 26.04.2023

Draw day: Wednesday

Time of Draw: 18:10:04 UTC

IRCC released this draw on 26th April. Do you know how many candidates must have received invitations so they could apply for the permanent residency of Canada? A total of 3,500 people! In order to apply for the PR, a candidate must have at least the CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System score of 483 points. If you have a CRS score of 483 or higher than that, then you can apply for the PR.

Important Takeaways 

After inviting so many candidates 3 times in a row, IRCC has decided to slow down and invite just enough candidates since the past two draws. We are talking about the draws of 15th March, 23th March, and 29th March, where Express Entry issued 7,000 invitations consecutively. But since this month’s round of draws, the ones issued on 12th April and 26th April, there are only 3,500 invitations. 

Apart from less invitations being sent out, one more important thing to note here is that this is just another all-program draw. This means that Express Entry draw 247th is the fifth consecutive all-program draw in a row.

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