Passenger rights changes in Canada | Easy to get refunds now!

Passenger rights changes in Canada | Easy to get refunds now!

The passenger rights changes in Canada are brought so that the passengers would not have to prove anymore that they are entitled to compensation. And it’s going to be the other way around. This means, the airlines would now need to prove as to why they do not need to pay the compensation. This will make it much easier for the passengers to get compensated for the unnecessary flight delays and disturbances in flight schedule. Hence, Canada will become better because of these changes. 

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Passenger Rights Changes 

Since long ago, passengers have complained about unnecessary flight cancellations and delays. This wastes so much time and money of travelers. On top of that, if a traveler demanded compensation for the delayed flight, the procedure to do so would really irritate the passenger. This caused many problems for the people in the waiting rooms of the airports, waiting for their flight to just come. Furthermore, the travelers were made to prove themselves. Prove that they deserve the compensation. 

However, this is not the case anymore. The passengers can easily file for compensation when the airline is at fault. 

According to the Minister of Transport, passengers’ problem of compensation will be solved because of these new changes. These changes are announced as a part of the Bill C-47. 

Passengers would be able to file for compensation if the issue is with the airline, and not a safety issue. The minister has clearly said that “everyone would be entitled to compensation except for a clear list of exceptions.”

Some Other Changes 

There were some other changes proposed along with the compensation one. These changes are sure to make traveling in Canada easier for all kinds of travelers. Let’s take a look at those changes. 

  • Requirements for delayed baggage. Refunds will be required if the cause was a travel advisory issued by the government. 
  • If a flight is canceled, delayed or disrupted, standards of treatment will be mandatory. Travelers will receive food and water in such instances. 
  • The process of resolving and filing a complaint will be made much easier and simpler. This is sure to help travelers receive good treatments and get quicker decisions. 
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