Manitoba Draws issue 558, ITAs making people cry in happiness

Manitoba Draws issue 558, ITAs making people cry in happiness

The most recent Manitoba draws came out on 27th April, just seven days apart from the last Manitoba PNP draws that came out on 20th April. The number of invitations since the previous draws have increased by around 51. The rank of the candidate that scored the lowest is 616. This means other candidates invited for permanent residence must have either the same rank as 616 or higher than that. 

#177th Manitoba PNP Draws 

This is the 177th Manitoba PNP draws that came out on 27th April. Apparently, they have really made people happy with all the invitations they have been issuing. On top of that, the province has been so good with the number of candidates it has been inviting throughout this month. 

April is about to end and the province graciously invited again more than 500 candidates to grant them the province’s permanent residence. Overall, the Canadian province was able to invite a total of 1,631 candidates in this month.

The draws are for Skilled Worker Overseas. From the looks of it, it seems the province is calling for candidates to fill in the labor gap of the province. It’s quite true that the country has been in need of workers and laborers since quite some time. To tackle this very pressing issue, all the different provinces and territories combined have been calling for immigrants to come to them. In return, the immigrants would receive permanent residence. 

Take a look at the image taken from the official website of Manitoba to verify the numbers.

Manitoba Draws

Tidbits of the Draw

Out of the total 558 invitations, 344 are for people who possessed a valid job validation code as well as a valid Express Entry profile. Good for them we would say! 

These Letters of Advice to Apply are issued to candidates who have a good CRS score and meet all the requirements that are necessary. In case a person has been looking to work abroad, it would be a good time to immigrate to Canada, as the country is looking for more skilled professionals. The skilled professionals would be helping the local economy of whichever province they are going to immigrate to. And by helping out the local economy, which is just a small part of the bigger economy of the nation, these newcomers would eventually be helping in the growth of Canada. 

Do you now see why these draws are so important? They invite candidates. Candidates receive permanent residence. Immigrants work in the province they got invited to. The work force gets expanded. Immigrants share their culture with the province. Also, they absorb the local culture of the province. 

It’s all connected and works in a cycle, continuously. If you have been eyeing any particular territory or province of Canada, we suggest you start making arrangements to move there. The time as of now is really going well for immigrants. 

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