Settle In Alberta Canada, Alberta draws of 24 & 25 April out now

Settle In Alberta Canada, Alberta draws of 24 & 25 April out now

In the latest Alberta draws, the province is calling for some targeted occupations. These are:- a few workers in the healthcare occupations, and more workers in the construction sector. These invitations are set to help the province grow in the right direction and address its workers demands. Before this, the Canadian province, Manitoba issued a huge number of invitations to candidates. Manitoba draws of 27th April are for the skilled worker overseas who will have a chance to apply for the permanent residency of Manitoba and work in the province.

Alberta PNP draws- 24th & 25th April 2023

As we know, Alberta first issues invitations and after a few days of wait updates the information on the official website of the same. Hence, that’s why we are bringing the news of 24 and 25 April today. Nevertheless, it’s still news that you may not see in other places. 

Moving on, on 24th April, 2023, the province of Canada, Alberta sent out a total of 124 invitations to the candidates who applied in its construction job sector. Actually, right now, the province is looking for workers to fill out the labor needs of this industry. Thus, the construction sector is kind of like a priority to Alberta in the current times. Those who applied in this category had either the CRS score of 301 or above that CRS ranking. Moreover, they have had a job offer from an employer in Alberta as well. Either way these selected candidates can immigrate to Alberta, Canada, and get permanent residency. 

The fifth draw of April, the one that came out on 25th April, 2023, issued 8 invitations for those in the healthcare sector. These are for the candidates who applied in the Designated Healthcare Pathway, which is solely for the professionals in the healthcare industry. 

The lowest ranking candidate who was invited via this immigration pathway had a CRS score of 316. All the other invited candidates must have a higher score than that or the same as 316. These candidates must also have a job offer from Alberta, otherwise they wouldn’t be eligible.

Take a look at the image below to verify the numbers. The image is taken from the official website of Alberta.

Alberta Draws

Requirements to apply in Alberta PNP

Check out the requirements a foreign worker needs to fulfill if they wish to apply for immigration to this province. 

  • Should have the required work experience and educational achievements.
  • They must have the intention to stay and work in Alberta. 
  • They should have a legal status. 
  • Need to possess a valid work permit.

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