Great News: Employers in Canada Offering Jobs on Social Media

Great News: Employers in Canada Offering Jobs on Social Media

If you wish to be hired for a job, you may first want to present a professional self on all your social media. To be honest, you can use social media as a quite powerful tool to showcase one’s strengths publicly. Most of the employers in Canada use social media effectively for their own use. They use these varied platforms to their advantage and screen candidates before hiring. Hence, this is the reason why one should use social media responsibly. 

What do Employers look for on Social Media platforms?

When an employer wants to further know more about a candidate, who could be a potential future employee, the first thing they do is check out the candidate’s social media accounts that are available. 

Now, an employer might look for any posts or stories put out on social media sites that could be a ‘red flag’. If you are someone active on public platforms and up-to-date with the emerging slangs renewed almost everyday, then you might know what red flag means. 

If you don’t know what it means, here’s a short version of the meaning. When we refer to something or someone as a red flag, we mean that thing or person is somewhat dangerous or inappropriate. 

Now imagine if you have put out posts that are way too political or religious and come off as too extremist, you are probably decreasing your chances of employment. This is what employers look for when they are screening potential employees for the job. 

If you don’t want to scare off potential employers, we suggest you keep your social media as clean as possible. Try not to post anything that could be inappropriate, unethical, or extreme. This might help you in developing a positive image in front of future employers.

How to use Social Media Effectively?

There are many ways to use your available social media accounts effectively. A professional public platform is set to present a professional image, that no doubt, has the power to woo employers. 

The first thing that you should do is take a good look at your social media websites and analyze what kind of vibes you are giving off. 

The second thing that you should do is remove all the content from most of your social websites that is unnecessary or might hinder your potential employment. If you think a post is positive and would influence an employer in a good way, keep it. But the negative ones have to go! 

After you are done throwing out the trash, you are going to feel much more relaxed, since you don’t have to worry about the previous damaging posts anymore. 

One more free piece of advice we would like to give is, keep your social media websites private. If keeping your accounts private would not affect you negatively, then do try to keep them private. This way you can post anything freely you want, while employers would not be able to see whatever you are posting. 

But if you don’t want to keep your accounts private, at least think twice before posting anything. Also, come up with catchy, attractive and insightful captions. This might influence employers in the right way, and could potentially increase your chances of being hired. 

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