Use Social Media and Get Job in Canada!

Social media has the power to make or break someone. How you use it or rather how well you can use it, depends on you entirely. Employers in Canada also use social media to their advantage. Most of the employers prefer screening the social media handles of potential candidates before hiring them. Hence, if you wish to get job in Canada, you should start first by improving your social media accounts. 

Can you use social media to get hired?

Absolutely, you can! There are uncountable ways of using social media to one’s advantage. All you need to do is learn how. Once you get the reins in your hands, you are sure to become the master of using social media and get hired for a great job in Canada. 

It is quite well known that employers analyze their potential employees before hiring them. They tend to look for any inappropriate things being posted by the candidates. If the candidate did post something unethical, inappropriate, then it can very well mean that the employer turns them away. 

Do you think if your employer sees content that is unethical, improper, or too extreme on your social media accounts, then they would hire you? Of course, not! This is the reason why it is our responsibility to think before posting.

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How to take advantage of social media as a newcomer?

There are quite many ways to take advantage of the facilities that are already available to you. On top of that, being creative is FREE. you don’t need to spend any money to get hired. But what you need is creativity. 

Showcase your talents effectively. Post good things on social media. If you want a good job, you need to travel that extra mile. 

One more thing you can do to improve your social media is be subtle when you are posting about your achievements. Don’t come off too strong as to seem bragging. 

Moreover you can give out hints of your qualifications and skills in your content when you are posting it online. 

Use social media to learn about Canadian culture. Understand what it means to be a Canadian. Research about the workplace culture of Canada. Be thorough with your research. 

Additionally, you have the option to follow leaders, entrepreneurs, or potential employers you might want to work with in future. Understand how these people operate and improve yourself. When you follow the social media handles of future employers, you are basically getting yourself acquainted with them. And this is sure to help you. 

Below are some tips that might help you in improving your social media platforms for better. 

  • Post clean content: If you could avoid posting negative stuff, or extreme content on your accounts, it might benefit you. You could try not to mingle your personal life with your professional content. 
  • Don’t be dull and boring: Try posting content that is interactive, and keeps your followers hooked. This will show the employers that you are creative and know how to use resources to your advantage. 
  • Post informative content: If you post content that is relevant to your field and industry, it would help you in a quite nice way. Employers would be able to discover your passion for your work, and your expertise in your job profile, making you further eligible for the job role. 
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