NO Medical Degree Required, Jobs in Canada! Get Paid Over $90K!

NO Medical Degree Required, Jobs in Canada! Get Paid Over $90K!

As of now, the year is going really well for job seekers as well as immigrants. Those who are looking to get hired in Canada in the health industry, are really in luck. Health Canada is hiring and there are some no medical degree required jobs in Canada! You could use Alberta’s new immigration pathway to immigrate to Canada as a healthcare worker. 

Which healthcare jobs are available in Canada? 

There are so many job opportunities being posted by the federal government, that could get you to earn more than $90K. We are pretty sure that you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity! BUT, BUT, BUT, wait! The news does not end here! 

On top of this, most of the jobs do not even require a medical degree! Yes, you surely heard it, right! To get hired for most of these over-the-top-paying jobs, you are, absolutely, not going to need any medical degrees! Let’s check out which are these jobs below:

​1. Administrative positions​ 

This job could get you to earn around $54,800 to $61,300. If you are in an administrative position, you could work anywhere you want to across Canada. What you need to work for this role is a secondary school certificate. Or you could also have an employer approved alternative for the same. Moreover, if you have experience in office administration, then it is just a cherry on top!  

2. Executive Assistant and Administrative Officer

The salary of this job is between $65,500 to $70,600, and all you need to do in this job is supervise other employees, which includes monitoring as well guiding them. Now, you need to possess a secondary school diploma or 2 years of experience in a related administrative field. We would say this is easy money to be honest. 

3. Clerical and Administrative Support Officer

Those wanting to get hired in this job need a secondary school certificate, then you could have a chance to earn around $50,800 to $70,600. The one getting this job should be able to bear the responsibilities of thinking for other Canadians. They should continue to think for the good health of Canadians. 

4. Occupational Health Nurse

Work anywhere you want in Canada with this job, and seriously earn up to $91K. Occupational Health nurses are responsible for giving out travel medicine services, conducting clinical testing, and providing immunizations services. This is the only job in our list that requires a medical degree since you would be handing out medicines and conducting tests. You need a certificate in Nursing, Nursing Education, Nursing Administration, etc. 

If you could get hired in one of these jobs, then you could, no doubt, be able to earn a really good salary.

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