Breaking News: 6 Lakh Punjabis Prefer IELTS to Live in Canada

Breaking News: 6 Lakh Punjabis Prefer IELTS to Live in Canada

More and more people have been choosing language tests that are easy and give results quickly. This has led around 6 lakh Punjabis prefer IELTS to live in Canada. There are some fantastic things to know about IELTS, which could be a reason why Punjabis, year by year, prefer this particular English language test. 

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Which language test is preferred the most? 

The fact that Canada hosts most of the Punjabis in the world is quite probably known by all. From a young age, Punjabi kids strive to get to Canada and live there. When they get older, they try their best to achieve this lifelong dream. 

They get to know about the various kinds of documents they would require if they want to go to Canada. Then they get to know about various language tests from which they can choose which to one to take. 

And, when they see there are so many tests available, they go for the one that is probably the most hassle free. This is where IELTS come in. IELTS offers easy to take tests that most people around the globe prefer. 

Other language tests are CELPIP, PTE, TOEFL, Skills for English, LanguageCert, etc. All the testing agencies are looking for ways to expand the growth of their domain. In order to do so, they are making changes that would attract more users. 

The testing agency that has recently made its name in this field is TOEFL. ETS or the Educational Testing Services is the one that conducts this test.


If a person wants to immigrate to another country, say Canada, they first need to prove they have certain language proficiency in a particular language(s). 

In case you are moving to Canada, you either need to take a language test in either English or French, since these two are the official languages of the country. 

If we talk about Punjabis, who mostly choose to immigrate to Canada, around 80-85% of them go for IELTS. Remaining immigrants choose other tests. However, data shows that a significant number of people are going for TOEFL too. 

The reason behind this could be the decreased hours of the exam. Before, the test lasted for 3 hours, but now it can be over in under 2 hours! 

On top of the decreased timing, test takers would be able to see the results once they complete the test. ETS is said to make these changes official starting 26th July, 2023. 

Further, ETS is set to build 7 new test centers in order to help test takers assess tests easily. Since the number of immigrants to Canada from India have mostly been Punjabis, it looks like the changes proposed by ETS will not be a waste. 

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