FREE FLIGHT TICKETS to Hong Kong!! Canadians can apply too!

FREE FLIGHT TICKETS to Hong Kong!! Canadians can apply too!

Do you know that you can get FREE flight tickets to Hong Kong?! YES, IT’S TRUE!! The country is on the way to get more tourists to visit it and grow the tourism industry. In this game of free things, Canadians are also welcome to apply. They would receive flight tickets at much lower prices that may even seem like a total steal! Since we are talking about tourists, you should also know that there are many tourist places in Canada that also attract a lot of tourists from all over the world. 

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“Happy Hong Kong”

Happy Hong Kong is the name of the campaign that Hong Kong recently launched. Through this campaign the country is hoping to get its tourism industry back on track. Additionally, these are not one-way tickets, but round trip flight tickets. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the nation, it has been trying to get back on track again. And that’s why it has decided to give out 500,000 round trip plane tickets to people who wish to visit the country. 

The decision is made with the help of Hong Kong based airlines: Cathay Pacific, HK Express, and Hong Kong Airlines. These airlines would shower ticket buyers with huge discounts. According to the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, John Lee, this campaign is “probably the world’s biggest welcome ever”. 

Till now, the campaign was actively welcoming tourists from different parts of the world to boost its industry, but now it has also given a chance to Canada and US too. From May, Canadians would be able to win lotteries for a chance to go to Hong Kong. 

Canadians can apply via Cathay Pacific’s member program. The people visiting from Canada would be able to avail heavy discounts on tickets. They would only need to pay for charges like surcharges and airport taxes. 

People do not just have the chance to visit Hong Kong but they can also win free prizes. 

How to get free air tickets in Hong Kong?

Oh so you want to get free air tickets to Hong Kong, huh? NO worries! Let us tell you! If you want to apply for free tickets, there are two ways by which you can do so: 

  • You can register yourself on the main website of any participating airlines, or you can participate in the lottery on the Hong Kong Airport website. 
  • Second way to do so is by visiting the Hong Kong Airport or Hong Kong tourism board website. By doing this you can participate via the website. 

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