Growing need for healthcare professionals in Canada

In recent years, especially after the pandemic, Canada, just like the rest of the world, is seeing a growing demand for healthcare professionals. Whether it’s a need for more surgeons or increasing demand for more licensed nurses, the country needs to pay attention to the healthcare industry and call for more immigrants. 

Canada needs more healthcare professionals, are you one?

Many incidents have proven the fact that Canada needs more health care workers. International healthcare workers can view this as an opportunity to immigrate to Canada. 

Amidst the increasing demand for healthcare workers, foreign workers with the right accreditation and license may find it easy to find a job. 

Now, which immigration pathways should you use to immigrate to Canada as a healthcare worker. 

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Pathways for Healthcare Workers

a. SINP’s International Health Worker EOI Pool
b. BC PNP’s Healthcare Professional Category
c. OINP’s Human Capital Priorities Stream
d. NB PNP’s Internationally Educated Nurses program
e. NSNP’s Labour Market Priorities stream

These are some famous immigration pathways that are dedicated to and prioritizes healthcare workers. 

We all know that Express Entry offers a smooth and seamless for skilled workers with adequate work experience and meeting eligibility requirements. Apart from the federal pathway, there’s Category-based selection now that gives importance to specific occupations or categories. 

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