How to Sponsor Your Family If You Live in Quebec?

How to sponsor your family if you live in Quebec. Want to know that? So, we will tell you this secret.  Under Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan, the family class welcomes the second largest number of newcomers. It allows a family member of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to be reunited with their family and come to Canada to obtain permanent residency.

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How to Sponsor 

Quebec has a unique position in Canada, which means that there are some specific stages and standards that you must complete or achieve before you may sponsor a family member.

Your Spouse’s Sponsorship

Canadian citizens and permanent residents who are married or in a civil partnership with a foreign national may sponsor that person to come to Canada.

You must comply with the following requirements in order to sponsor your spouse or partner:

  • At least 18 years old
  • You must be a Canadian permanent resident or a Canadian citizen.
  • Not be incarcerated, insolvent, subject to a removal order (if a permanent resident), or charged with a major crime.
  • You must not have been sponsored to come to Canada as a spouse during the last five years.
Sponsor a Dependent Child

Canadian citizens and permanent residents can bring their child from another country to become permanent residents in Canada.

  • You must do the following to sponsor your child:
  • be at least 18 years old
  • be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident living in Canada who intends to return, or a person registered under Canada’s Indian Act
  • be able to meet your fundamental demands as well as the needs of your dependent children
  • be able to prove your relationship with your child;
  • not have a criminal record or be in prison, not be charged with a major offense, and not be bankrupt
  • not be in conflict of a previous sponsorship agreement
  • not be under immigration inquiry
  • Unless you are disabled, you should not be receiving financial support.

To be eligible for sponsorship, the dependent child must be the biological or adoptive child of a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, be under the age of 22, and not be married or in a common-law relationship.

Sponsoring Your Parents or Grandparents

Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor their parents and grandparents for permanent residency in Canada. They may even be allowed to request for Canadian citizenship in the future.

To sponsor your parent or grandparent, you must first:

  • be a citizen of Canada, a permanent resident of Canada, or a registered Indian under the Canadian Indian Act
  • be at least 18 years old
  • be a resident of Canada
  • exceed the program’s minimum income requirement and submit IRCC with proof of income
  • sign an agreement to financially support the sponsored for 20 years (beginning when they become permanent residents) and to return any social assistance benefits paid to sponsored family members (if applicable) for the same time period.

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