Immigrant Engineers in Canada No Longer Need Work Experience!

Want to work in Canada as an engineer? Here’s a good news for immigrant engineers in Canada no longer need work experience. Are you, as an international engineer, ready to move to Canada? Because you no longer need Canadian work experience in Ontario! Thanks to a new rule to remove barriers that prevent qualified immigrants from working in their former professions.

If you want to move to Canada as an international engineer then you don’t need Canadian work experience anymore. Earlier, immigrant engineers needed Canada work experience so they could get licensed and work in Ontario.

These changes are taking place so that international engineers could immigrate to Canada faster. In turn, this will help to reduce labor shortage in the job market. Ontario is the first province of Canada that is making such a historic change.

About New Rule

Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), which has 85,649 members, became the first professional regulating organization to eliminate the work experience condition from its application criteria on Tuesday.

According to Jennifer Quaglietta, CEO of Professional Engineers Ontario, decisions on most engineering license registrations will be made within six months after submitting the complete application. Prior to the move, an important challenge for foreign engineers looking for employment in Ontario was a lack of Canadian work experience.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) assists employers in filling their human resource needs by facilitating the immigration of management, professional, and skilled foreign workers as well as international students.

Together with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the federal immigration agency, the province of Ontario manages the OINP. An application for nomination must be made to the provincial government first, and if nominated, an application for permanent residency must be made to the federal government.

OINP Streams

There are several types of immigration streams under the OINP. Some of them are- Express Entry Human Capital Priorities, Express Entry Skilled Trades, Masters Graduate, and PhD Graduate.

Ontario Processing Times

The processing times of some of the OINP immigration streams are below.

The Express Entry Skilled Trades applications are handled within 70-100 days. The processing time of International Student applications takes around 90-120 days.

For the applications under the Express Entry Human Capital Priorities stream, the processing time is 70-100 days.

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