IRCC Announces Latest Express Entry Draw #272 After a Month!


The latest Express Entry draw #272 was announced by the IRCC after more than a month. The previous Express Entry draw was announced on 26th October 2023. Following are the details about the latest rounds of invitations. 


Date of Draw: 06th December 2023

Day of Draw: Wednesday

Time of Draw: 16:27:26 UTC

CRS score cut-off: 561 points

ITAs issued: 4750 

Type of Draw: All program draw

The CRS score cut-off for the latest all-program Express Entry draw #272 was significantly higher (61 points higher) than the previous all-program draw. This is also the highest CRS score cut-off for a general draw in the year 2023. Nevertheless, the ITAs issued remained high (1025 ITAs higher). A list of all-program Express Entry draws since July 2023 is tabulated below. 

Draw numberDraw DateCRS score cut-offITAs issued

What is a General Express Entry Draw?

A General Express Entry draw issues ITAs or Invitation to Apply to applicants belonging to all the Express Entry pathways:

The Comprehensive Ranking System or the CRS score for the General draws is usually more competitive than the category-based selections.

Since Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada has announced the draws after more than a month, there are high chances of Express Entry draws in the upcoming days. 

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