Canada set to create 250,000 new childcare spaces by March 2026


Canada is on the way to create about 250,000 new childcare spaces across the country. It is expected that Canada will achieve this accomplishment by March of 2026. The creation of more childcare spaces which are also affordable in nature will drastically help parents in raising their children amidst the ongoing affordability crisis. 

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Is Canada set to create more affordable childcare spaces?

Yes, as part of the Canada Budget 2021, the country is set to create more childcare spaces that will also be affordable at the same time. This is in response to the ongoing affordability crisis Canadians are facing. 

On 5th December, 2023, Jenna Sudds (Minister of Families, Children and Social Development) met with Chrystia Freeland (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance), Sean Fraser (Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities) and Rechie Valdez (Minister of Small Business) to discuss the same. 

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Since the Government of Canada is determined to provide a higher quality of life and more affordable options to live in Canada to its people, new initiatives such as this come up regularly. 

Canada Govt partnering up to provide better solutions

The plan to create a Canada-wide system for early learning and childcare was announced in Budget 2021. Since then, the government has partnered up with every province and territory to invest about $27 billion over five years. 

The agreements signed between provinces and territories are showing results already. Many are taking advantage of regulated child care for just $10-a-day or even less. Several jurisdictions have also cut down child care fees by at least 50%. 

Hence, families in Canada are becoming more capable of raising their children and providing them with the care they deserve. 

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How is it helping families in Canada?

Because of these fee reductions, families in Canada are able to save about two to more than fourteen grand annually. That’s a savings of $2,000 – $14,300 a year for each child in regulated child care. 

When parents are given the option of affordable child care, they are much more likely to participate in the labor force. This is especially true in the case of mothers, who are considered primary caregivers of their children. 

Further, to facilitate better child care options, the Canadian government is actively working with provincial and territorial governments. Hence, more affordable as well as high-quality regulated child care will become available to families across Canada. 

Moreover, this is a great opportunity for foreign workers in childcare sectors to look for jobs across Canada. Professionals in this industry are more likely to get hired as there’s an ongoing demand for them.  

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