Total Cost for Canada PR from India


The total cost for Canada PR from India is about INR 1,40,000 ($2,312). This cost includes the cost of documents, along with other application fees. Out of this cost, the Canada PR application alone costs you about INR 92,400 (CAN$1,525).

Now, other expenses to keep in mind when calculating the total cost for Canada PR from India are:

  • Documents
  • Applications
  • Other expenses includes- travel, accommodation, settlement, miscellaneous 

At various stages in your immigration process, you will be required to make payments, either for application or to obtain the required documents. Hence, in this blog, learn about the cost required at each stage of the immigration journey.

Note: Since the actual value of currencies change regularly, we have only provided the approximates. 

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List of Documents Required for Canada PR from India

All the documents combined should cost you about CAN$787.

S. No. Important DocumentsApprox. Cost (INR)Approx. Cost (CAN$)
1. Educational Credential Assessment 15,000250
2. Police Clearance Certificate5008
3. Language Proficiency Results (IELTS)16,000270
4. Immigration Medical Examination9,000150
5.Indian Passport1,40024
Total cost 46,900787


  • The costs present here are just approximates.
  • IRCC might ask you to submit other documents too.

Cost for Canada PR from India

The cost of Canada PR for:

  • a single applicant – CAN $2,312
  • an applicant with spouse – CAN $3,922
  • an applicant with spouse and dependent child – CAN $4,267

Cost for Canada PR for Single Applicants

The total cost for Canada PR from India for applicants without a spouse or common-law partner or a dependent child is CAN $2,312.

Canada PR Application (Single Applicant)Approx. Cost (INR)Approx. Cost (CAN$)
Canada Permanent Residence Application 57,500950
Right of Permanent Residence 34,800575
Common Documents46,900787
Total cost1,40,0002,312

Total Cost for Canada PR: Applicants With Spouse

Applicants with a spouse or partner needs to pay about CAN $3,922 for Canada PR from India.

Canada PR Application (with spouse)Approx. Cost (INR)Approx. Cost (CAN$)
(Main applicant’s) Canada Permanent Residence Application + Right of Permanent Residence 92,4001,525
(Spouse’s) Canada Permanent Residence Application + Right of Permanent Residence 92,4001,525
Common Documents52,800872
Total cost2,37,7003,922

Cost for Canada PR: Applicants With Spouse and Child

The total cost of Canada PR for applicants with a spouse or partner and a child needs to spend about CAN $4,267.

Canada PR Application (with spouse and child)Approx. Cost (INR)Approx. Cost (CAN$)
(Main applicant’s) Canada Permanent Residence Application + Right of Permanent Residence 92,4001,525
(Spouse’s) Canada Permanent Residence Application + Right of Permanent Residence 92,4001,525
Common Documents58,000957
Dependent child15,700260
Total cost2,58,5004,267

Total Cost for Canada PR from India by Provincial Nominee Programs

1. Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)

When applying for Canada PR from India through OINP, refer to the following table for cost.

StreamApprox. Cost (INR)Approx. Cost (CAN$)
a. International Student Stream
b. OINP French Speaking Stream
c. Ph.D. Graduate stream
d. Human Capital Stream
e. Skilled Trades Stream
Common Documents46,900787
Total cost1,38,9002,287
StreamApprox. Cost (INR)Approx. Cost (CAN$)
OINP Entrepreneur Pathways2,15,0003,500
Common Documents46,900787
Total cost2,61,9004,287
StreamApprox. Cost (INR)Approx. Cost (CAN$)
1. Foreign Worker Stream
2. In-Demand Skills Stream
3. Masters Graduate Stream
92,3691500 ($2000 if job offer is in GTA)
Common Documents46,900787
Total cost1,39,2692,287

2. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)

While applying for Canada PR from India through SINP, the charges might differ based on the stream you choose.

StreamApprox. Cost (INR)Approx. Cost (CAN$)
SINP International Skilled Worker
a. SINP Occupation in Demand
b. SINP Express Entry
Common Documents46,900787
Total cost67,9001,137
StreamApprox. Cost (INR)Approx. Cost (CAN$)
a. SINP Entrepreneur stream
b. SINP Farm Owner and Operator
Common Documents46,900787
Total cost1,99,9003,287

3. Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP)

Here are the charges to apply for Canada PR through the AAIP.

StreamApprox. Cost (INR)Approx. Cost (CAN$)
AAIP Skilled Workers Streams
a. Alberta Opportunity Stream
b. AAIP Express Entry
c. Rural Renewal Stream
d. Tourism and Hospitality Stream
Common Documents46,900787
Total cost76,9001,267
StreamApprox. Cost (INR)Approx. Cost (CAN$)
AAIP Entrepreneur Streams
a. AAIP Graduate Entrepreneur Stream
b. AAIP Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur
c. Rural Entrepreneur Stream
d. Farm Stream
Common Documents46,900787
Total cost2,61,9004,487

4. British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)

The BC PNP charges according to each stream is provided below:

StreamApprox. Cost (INR)Approx. Cost (CAN$)
BC PNP Skills Immigration90,8301,475
Common Documents46,900787
Total cost1,37,7302,262
StreamApprox. Cost (INR)Approx. Cost (CAN$)
BC PNP Entrepreneur streams2,64,0004,300
Common Documents46,900787
Total cost3,10,9005,087
StreamApprox. Cost (INR)Approx. Cost (CAN$)
BC PNP Strategic Projects Fees3,26,0005,300
Common Documents46,900787
Total cost3,72,9006,087

5. Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

When applying for Canada PR through the MPNP, you might need to spend as the tables provided:

StreamApprox. Cost (INR)Approx. Cost (CAN$)
MPNP Skilled Workers30,000500
Common Documents46,900787
Total cost76,9001,287
StreamApprox. Cost (INR)Approx. Cost (CAN$)
MPNP Entrepreneur streams
a. International Student Entrepreneur Pilot
b. Entrepreneur Pathway
c. Farm Investor Stream
Common Documents46,900787
Total cost1,99,9003,287

6. New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)

The NBPNP charges for Canada PR is as follows:

StreamApprox. Cost (INR)Approx. Cost (CAN$)
a. New Brunswick Express Entry Stream
b. Private Career College Graduate Pilot Program
c. Critical Worker Pilot
d. New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream
e. Strategic Initiative Stream
Common Documents46,900787
Total cost62,2001,037
StreamApprox. Cost (INR)Approx. Cost (CAN$)
NB Business Immigration Stream1,23,0002,000
Common Documents46,900787
Total cost1,69,9002,787

7. Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP)

When you are applying through PEI PNP, don’t forget to check the charges listed below:

StreamApprox. Cost (INR)Approx. Cost (CAN$)
a. PEI PNP Skilled Workers Outside Canada
b. PEI Express Entry
c. PEI Critical Worker stream
d. PEI Occupations in Demand
e. Skilled Workers in PEI
f. International Graduates
Common Documents46,900787
Total cost64,9001,087

Quebec Selected Skilled Workers

If you choose to apply for Canada PR from India through the Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program, you may have to spend CAN $1,656 or CAN $1,963.

StreamApprox. Cost (INR)Approx. Cost (CAN$)
Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program53,000869
Common Documents46,900787
Total cost99,9001,656
StreamApprox. Cost (INR)Approx. Cost (CAN$)
a. Entrepreneur
b. Self Employed Worker
Common Documents46,900787
Total cost118,9001,963

Note: Apart from the charges mentioned above for all the provinces (including Quebec), you also need to pay for Canada PR application and other charges associated with it.

Family Sponsorship Program

When you are paying for the sponsorship of your family members, pay as the following table suggests.

StreamApprox. Cost (INR)Approx. Cost (CAN$)
a. Sponsor your spouse or legal partner
b. Sponsor your parent or grandparent
c. Sponsor your relative (22+ years)
Sponsor both your spouse and child83,0001,375
Sponsor only a dependent child10,000170

Atlantic Immigration Program

Applying for Canada PR through the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP), costs about CAN $2,312 along with other charges.

StreamApprox. Cost (INR)Approx. Cost (CAN$)
Application Fee92,4001,525
Common Documents46,900787
Total cost1,40,0002,312

Tips to stay safe and save money

The application and processing cost for Canada PR from India is a mandatory expenditure. However, there are ways in which you can save some of your money and stay safe while paying for a Canada visa.

  1. Hire a CICC-authorized immigration representative. A legal immigration consultant is professionally trained to ensure that you get Canada PR most affordably. They are experts in managing documents and know the cheapest options to get the job done legally and efficiently.
  2. Avoid any options that promise you expedited processing. They are not only going to charge unnecessarily more, but are most likely going to be frauds
  3. Prepare for your language proficiency tests. This way, you can score the highest in your very first attempt and avoid the expenses of reappearing. Talent Connected Worldwide trains you to get the highest score possible for your language tests
  4. Submit correct and complete paperwork to avoid extra expenses of reapplication.
  5. Book your flights at the right time. Booking a flight to Canada from India can be expensive. However, if you research the routes, airlines, and discounts, you can save a lot of money.
  6. NEVER pay anything other than the official fee as mentioned on the official websites. 

How much will it cost to get Canadian PR from India?

It may cost you about INR 1,40,000 to get Canadian PR from India. 

What are the total fees for Canada PR?

The total fees for Canada PR is CAN$1525, which includes the permanent residence application fee ($950) and the Right of Permanent Residence fee ($575).

What are Canada’s PR pathways from India?

Some Canada PR pathways from India are Express Entry; AIP; Start-up Visa Program; Family Sponsorship Program; Caregivers; Self-Employed, etc.

What is the age limit of Canada PR?

Though there’s no age limit for Canada PR, the main applicant must still be at least 18 years of age.

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