Foreign students off – campus work policy: Will IRCC make it permanent?


The international student community of Canada is anxiously awaiting for a decision on whether IRCC will continue the temporary policy it put in place back in October of 2022. The policy helped foreign students to work off – campus, full-time. But the temporary measure is about to reach its expiry on 31st December, 2023. IRCC announced it to help combat labor shortages. But since IRCC has made no remarks about whether it will become permanent or not, it has distressed many.

Will IRCC allow International Students to work off – campus, full time?

Usually, international students in Canada are only allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week, off – campus. But because of the chronic labor shortage in Canada, IRCC introduced a temporary measure which permitted students to work for more than 20 hours off-campus per week. Even during the school year. 

Now, this measure was only reserved for certain students. To be eligible for this work policy, they must be attending classes in Canada. Also, they needed a designated off-campus work authorization on their study permit. 

Moreover, those who submitted a study permit application on 7th October, 2022 (the temporary policy was announced that day) in a Canadian post-secondary program were also eligible for this measure. 

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How did this measure help international students in Canada?

Since international students were able to work for more hours, this greatly helped them in earning more and being able to afford more stuff. Foreign students in Canada on their own face much difficulty in battling with rising inflation and increasing cost of living. 

If IRCC makes this work hours policy permanent, it will hugely benefit international students to sustain amidst the growing affordability crisis in Canada. The students are not alone demanding to make this policy permanent. Recently, subject matter experts and advocacy groups have also joined forces in this matter and together called for Canada to make this policy permanent. 

So far, IRCC has made no indication on whether the old work hours policy will be back or not.

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