IRCC decides if PNP candidates can be in Canada or not

The responsibility of allowing PNP candidates falls on the shoulders of IRCC, just like it filters out candidates from other pathways too.
IRCC decides if PNP candidates can be in Canada or not

Who do you think decides if PNP candidates are worthy of establishing themselves in Canada or not? IRCC! Yes, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada analyzes each candidate, coming from whichever immigration pathway, and then makes the decision of who can stay and who needs to go. Hence, if you wish to become a PR in Canada, you need to be economically sufficient so that IRCC would grant you permission to do so. Let’s know more about this below.

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What does “Economically Established” mean?

Do you know the meaning of “economically established”? It means the candidate immigrating to Canada must be able to support themselves financially when being in the country. Along with them, they should also be able to support their dependent family members, who are also getting permanent residency, with them. Hence, this is the reason why IRCC demands the candidate to be economically sufficient. 

In case the candidate received a provincial nomination, means a province/territory nominated this candidate to come and apply for their permanent residency, it means the candidate is economically sufficient. How so? Because even to get nominated by the government of a province/territory, a candidate has to clear some eligibility criterias. 

Imagine a case where an immigration officer is not really satisfied with the candidate’s economic establishment, what will happen then? Actually, there’s another way. The immigration officer may also check other factors to let the candidate in the country.

Intention to Reside

Intention to reside is one of the most important factors to look for when allowing candidates in Canada, in case they are immigrating via PNP. Before putting a stamp on the permanent residence visa, the immigration officer will make sure that the candidate actually intends to stay in the country. The territory or the province which is nominating the candidate also assesses this intention before they nominate the candidate. 

However, in case the officer is not sure about the candidate’s intention, they will further question the candidate about the same or let the candidate explain themselves.

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