Foreign Family Doctors can immigrate to Canada in these ways!

Foreign Family Doctors can immigrate to Canada in these ways!

Immigration programs like FSW or the CEC Express Entry Programs let internationally trained family doctors come to Canada. Hence, now, foreign family doctors can immigrate to Canada. On top of that, there are many immigration pathways using which an international family practitioner can move to Canada.

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Use FSW or CEC to get to Canada

Yes, you, as an international family practitioner can use these immigration pathways to get Canada. This means the Federal Skilled Worker Program and Canadian Experience Class lets practitioners gain permanent residency in Canada. 

In case certain provinces or territories of Canada are in need of medical practitioners, then they can also nominate candidates for the permanent residency. After being nominated, the chances of getting permanent residency in Canada increases. How? See, if you have a greater CRS score you are more likely to receive an invitation to apply for permanent residency from a province, or if you have a higher CRS score you may also be eligible for Express Entry. If you have the intention to reside in that province, and meet the labor market requirements, then you may actually be eligible to get residency. See how everything is connected?

Does Canada need more medical professionals?

Is Canada in the need of more medical practitioners than it already has? YES! Almost every week we see that the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program releases rounds of draws. If you have been up-to-date and know the latest draws, then you might have seen one common thing in them. Most of the BC PNP draws, lately, have been calling for healthcare professionals, and childcare professionals. Nova Scotia, not too long ago, also followed this trend when it called for international nurses to come and work in the province. 

From these news wouldn’t it be safe to say that Canada is, indeed, in need of more medical professionals? 

Some might even say that these times are proving to be golden chances to move to Canada. In March alone, Express Entry released more than 21,000 invitations. As we said before, these invitations are a direct call for immigrants to come and work in the country. 

Moreover, the nation is not just calling for medical professionals, it is actually in need of a lot of foreign skilled workers to fill its huge labor market. You might be familiar with the news that Canada’s labor force is in need of more workers. Well, it’s true, the country is, without a doubt, in need of hundreds of thousands of laborers. To fill that gap, the country is actively calling for more immigrants. 

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