Immigrating to Canada with Family: Know About Complete Process

immigrating to Canada

Canada is a popular destination for immigrants, because there are many job offers available here and the standard of living is high. Therefore it attracts immigrants from all around the world. If you have planned immigrating to Canada then you have made a great choice. 

It is a friendly country that provides a safe and welcoming environment to the immigrants. The annual migration rate of this North American country is quite high. An immigration application is potentially complex which requires so many steps to be followed. Hence you need to be careful when you are going to apply for the process. 

There are a number of work permits available for the eligible candidates. Along with that an individual is required to submit proper documents, complete the application form and to convince the respective authority about his/her eligibility. Once you have successfully followed these steps then you are ready to immigrate to Canada. 

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Steps to be Followed to immigrate to Canada With Family

In this blog post we are going to cover family sponsorship, particularly  related to Parents and grandparents:

Step 1: Get the Invitation to Apply

The very first step which you need to follow is getting an invitation to apply for the sponsorship. The Canadian government will randomly select the sponsors who have submitted applications to sponsor their family members, to be precise parents and grandparents.

Step 2: Fill the Application Online

Once you are invited to apply the applicant must apply through the online medium using Permanent Residence Portal and Representative Permanent Job Portal. 

You need to keep a check on if more than one parent or grandparent is applying on their own, because then they should be creating their portal account and then should electronically sign their application. This process makes it easier for the parents immigrating to Canada from India. 

Step 3: Pay the Application Fees

You have to pay the fees online. You should be paying the processing fees for yourself, the people you are sponsoring and their dependants. 

Once your application is approved you have to pay the right of permanent residence fees, in case your application is approved.

You should also pay the biometrics fees at the time when you submit your application. If you don’t do that then your application will be delayed. 

This fee includes the cost of collecting fingerprints and digital photographs. If you are immigrating to Canada as a parent or grandparent then paying this fee (CAD 575) is a must do for you.

Step 4: Submit Online Application

Before submitting the application make sure you follow the given instructions:

  • You should answer all the questions given on the form
  • Sign your application electronically
  • Do not forget to include processing fee receipt
  • Upload all the required documents

Step 5: During the Processing You Can Add Additional Information

The person whom you are going to sponsor must submit:

  • Their medical exams
  • Police certificates
  • Biometrics

Different Programs Available to Immigrate to Canada

Express Entry

Immigrating to Canada through Express Entry as it is the best way to go to Canada. If you are well educated, have good work experience and are fluent in English or French language then you can choose this program. Due to this program you can immigrate with your spouse or dependent children. These candidates are invited to apply for permanent residency by using a CRS scoring system. CRS can be expanded as Comprehensive ranking system.

Canada Family Sponsorship allows you to sponsor following:

Spouse or Common-Law Partner

Under this program, a person who is a citizen of Canada can sponsor his/her spouse or common law partner.

Grandparents and Parents

This program extends to parents and grandparents of the PR holder or Canadian citizen.

Dependent Children

Children who are dependent on their parents are also allowed to live with their parents who hold permanent residency or citizenship of Canada.

Immigration Using Family Sponsorship

If anyone in your family is already a citizen of Canada then they can sponsor you as their family member. With this, all your family members and even near relatives will be eligible to apply for PR. It is a commonly used program and it takes around 12 months.

Provincial Nominee Program 

PNP comes in second number in this list of programs in terms of popularity. In case you are a skilled professional and you are particularly skilled in different fields like finance, IT, education, business or medical then this program is the best suited for you. It will be a cherry on the cake if you have any connection to the related province or even the job offer. 

Start Up Visa Program

Those candidates who are aspiring to build a start-up business in Canada will be benefited by this program. It’s a perfect fit for you as the Canadian government supports you financially in this process and also provides assistance to you so that you can settle down with family. This program will help you with the benefits of immigrating to Canada as a skilled worker. 

Hence you have completed all the steps required to sponsor your parents or grandparents in Canada along with exploring the different programs which are required to immigrate to Canada. We can conclude it by saying that the benefits of immigrating to Canada are many such as high living standards, better job opportunities and fulfilling medical and healthcare facilities. 

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