7 Mistakes to Avoid Before Immigrating to Canada

7 Mistakes to Avoid Before Immigrating to Canada

Do you know which mistakes you should avoid making before you settle in Canada ? Well, before even THINKING of immigrating to Canada, let alone actually doing it, you should know of some basic things. Basic stuff such as getting all your important paperwork in one place, opening a bank account, keeping your assets safe, etc. If you forget these things, you could land in BIG trouble. So, to learn more about the mistakes to avoid, go on and read this article.

Tell Me Those 7 Mistakes NOW!

1. Leaving All Your Imp Documents Scattered Everywhere

You CANNOT leave all your important documents lying here and there. They are going to cause you a LOT of trouble. For this, do one thing: go, get the documents and KEEP THEM IN A FOLDER. 

When all the important documents are in one place, it will be much much easier for you to use them in times of need. Whether you are filling forms or applying for anything, you are going to need the papers and you know it. Hence, our first advice is that you keep the papers organized and in a folder.

2. Forgot to Open Bank Account

Don’t make this mistake! When you have a bank account, you can keep your money safe and secure without any worries. It is quite simple to open a bank account in Canada. You can either do it online or visit a local branch of the bank to do so.

3. Didn’t Research Living Expenses

You need to keep your budget on track. And for this, one of the most important things to keep in mind while moving to Canada is that you research the cost of living. Wherever you are immigrating to, whichever province or territory it is, do a thorough research online to find out how much it would cost you to live there. This means you need to look out for the cost of accommodation, commute, food, and other basic expenses.

4. Unaware of the Local Culture 

Do not be a fool and make this silly mistake. You need to be aware of the local culture of whichever province you are going to settle in. Canada is the kind of country that is made up of many different cultures and people. This makes it all the more important to be aware of the local culture. 

Understand how people live there, what kind of food they usually eat, what are their cultural specific things, and all.

5. Forgot to Research About Healthcare Options

Come on. Don’t tell us you were going to Canada without knowing about the healthcare options. Though Canada provides a publicly funded healthcare system, still the conditions to avail those healthcare services depends on the province/territory. Thus, make sure you know the healthcare services of whichever province you will be living in.

6. Where Will You be Living?

If you don’t have a place to live, where will you go? See why this mistake will cost you so much? That’s why, to ensure that you don’t end up living in streets, please find an accommodation. Also, think of this accommodation BEFORE you move to Canada. When you are thinking of housing, keep in mind of where you would be working, how close your workplace and home will be, and what will be the rent/mortgage payments.

7. Didn’t Pack Right for the Weather

The weather in Canada can be quite unpredictable at times. Hence, it is advisable to keep a raincoat on you at all times. Apart from that, some provinces are way too cold, since they are closer to the Arctic region, so make sure you have the right clothes for that weather.

We wish you all the best for your journey!

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