IRCC Releases Study Permit Allocations for 2024

On 4th April, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced the total number of international students each province and territory would be able to call for in 2024. Ontario has been the luckiest province of all since IRCC allocated it the best share of the overall allocation. In 2024, Ontario can issue 235,000 study permits.  

IRCC is projecting that it may be able to approve 485,000 Canada study permit applications in 2024 out of the total allocation.

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Study Permit Allocations Announced by IRCC for 2024

Province / TerritoryStudy Permit Allocations
Nova Scotia20,378
British Columbia83,000
New Brunswick14,651
Prince Edward Island2,312
Northwest Territories333
Newfoundland and Labrador3,153

The total number of study permits allocated is 552,094, however, this does not mean that all these study permit applications will be approved. Hence, only about 485,000 permit applications may be approved out of the total allocations.

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